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From the 3rd Annual Shorty Social Good Awards Best in Retail and E-Commerce

This award honors the efforts of retail and e-commerce brands, e-commerce platforms and retail publications to make the world a better place. Initiatives may include sustainable business practices, raising awareness or funds for a cause, launching social good marketing campaigns or promoting volunteer programs both internally and externally.

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Retail Revival: Investing in the revitalization of small business
Small businesses are the biggest generator of jobs in America, making up nearly half of all private sector employment. Yet many of those small businesses have been locked into local—and sometimes depressed—markets. Nearly 75% of small businesses don't have any e-commerce presence, and less than 2% of U.S. small businesses export. While explosive i…
Jen Gotch Wants You To Feel Better
ban.do's goal is to create products with an optimistic and emotionally-resonant tone that make our customers feel good. At the surface, we're about fun and happiness, but we also care a lot about how you get to and maintain a state of good mental health—because that's pretty imperative to feeling good. Through both our products and marketing, we c…
Creating Ever-Improving Experiences for Everyone
In a world of fake news, misleading information, and general lack of trust, Trustpilot has made a concerted effort to bring more transparency to the world of online reviews. In 2016, the Pew Research Center found that 82 percent of American adults say they sometimes or always read online reviews for new purchases. And more than two-thirds of regul…
Paula's Choice: The Good Fight
Our goal was to raise awareness for Paula's Choice, a results-driven skincare brand founded by best-selling author, Paula Begoun.Our founder, Paula Begoun, spent her formative years suffering from cystic acne and debilitating eczema, covering most of her body. The frustration she experienced when countless skincare products failed to deliver on cl…
Turning Food Into Zero Waste Beauty
Serial entrepreneur and seasoned marketing executive, Tina Hedges, founded LOLI BEAUTY with a vision to stir up the beauty industry to make a conscious change. The $532 billion global beauty industry is based on selling personal care products that are diluted with 80-95% water, polluted with chemicals and over-packaged in plastic. Did you know 129…