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From the 12th Annual Shorty Awards Best Meme/Parody Account

If one thing is for sure, there have never been more hilarious, gut-busting memes than there are now. Thanks to new platforms, trends and cultural events, the internet is constantly coming up with new ways to create viral content shared by masses all around the world.

If you’re a brand contributing to meme culture, consider entering your work in the Best use of a memecategory.


Comments By Celebs
The wildly popular Comments by Celebs account on Instagram is a project from best friends and pop culture enthusiasts Emma Diamond and Julie Kramer. In short, it’s a curated collection of comments on celebrity posts left by other celebrities. The result is a humorous, deeply humanizing look into the online habits of famous people. 2019 was a break…
Dilfs of DisneyLand
Hilarious account spotted. Sure, you know what DisneyLand is all about — the rides, the fantasy, the mouse. But what about all those dreamy dads and their adorable kids? Enter the popular Dilfs of Disneyland account, your one stop gift shop for mad tending to their little ones while enjoying the Happiest Place on Earth. That must make this grid th…
It’s not fair that pigeons get a bad rap for being dirty and pooping everywhere. While the latter may not be disputable, this popular and hilarious account on Instagram aims to change that through fantastic memes. This is the perfect account for anyone living in a city, interacting with these silly birds on a daily basis. This collection of pigeon…
Subway Creatures
Shortly after arriving in New York in 2010, Rick McGuire started documenting the wild things he saw riding the subway on an Instagram account called Subway Creatures. Over the course of several years, he has built up an audience that now reaching more than 2M followers and changed the way people view public transit in the Big Apple. In 2019, Rick …
Sonny5ideup is posting some of the more abstract, bizarre and hilarious memes on the internet. A self-described, "Music Producer/Writer in New York City," the meme creator initially began posting on Twitter and Facebook as a way to promote his music career. But then a funny thing happened, his meme game really took off, especially on Instagram whi…


Captain Andrew Luck
Captain Andrew Luck is a hilarious Twitter account dedicated to Andrew Luck, the former pro-bowl QB for the Indianapolis Colts who retired abruptly weeks before the 2019 NFL season kicked off. This account imagines life from the all-star QB as a Civil War officer, writing home to tell his "Dearest mother" the latest news on his season. Over the course of it…
Cory Richardson
Cory Richardson is the meme account begging for some double taps, asking in his bio to "please laugh at my jokes or i will cry." Well, thankfully for Cory, his Instagram account with 38K+ followers, he uploads tons of silly, goofy and funny memes. His posts read like little comedy sketches, often setting up a self deprecating or absurd scenario with an even…
Death Star PR
If there’s everyone knows about life in a galaxy far, far away it’s that "The Galactic Empire has been getting a bad rap." Well, thanks to this hilarious Twitter account, the record is being set straight. Public relations is defined by fielding tough questions and finding the right spin, but when the client is the most feared villain from Star Wars, busines…
Sarcastic Rover
The Sarcastic Rover is "doing a science on the red planet. Not" Really, its making their 955K+ followers laugh with humor so dry it may as well be on the 4th rock from the sun. Since launching the day Curiosity landed on Mars in 2012, this account has been dishing out a universe-wide amount of sass from a galaxy far, far away. In February 2019, when Opportu…
In a world where fashion takes itself very seriously, this account takes the road less travelled. By mashing up fashion, popular culture, with a dash of irony, Sidney Prawatyotin art-meets-fashion project pokes fun at the industry while celebrating haute couture in his own way. His zeitgeisty creations take inspiration from what’s happening in the world, an…
So Sad Today
Author and poet Melissa Broder penned one of the most popular pseudo-anonymous Twitter accounts of the last decade, SoSadToday. Her posts recount the everyday sadnesses and longings she experiences, presented with a sense of wit and humor deeply connected with people who share similar struggles with depression and anxiety. So Sad Today currently has 930K+ f…

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