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The Shorty Awards honor the best of social media and digital. See categories below. The regular entry deadline is on February 10th, 2022.

From the 11th Annual Shorty Awards Best Snapchat Discover Story

This award honors the most effective and creative use of video via a Snapchat Discover Story by a brand, agency or organization. This award will recognize social media campaigns that incorporate a Snapchat Discover Story or overall brand presence on Snapchat Discover.

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Face Forward
FACE FORWARD was one of the first tutorial shows on Snapchat and our team pioneered the merging of narrative story telling with a tutorial format. The challenges that faced our team were not only figuring out how to create an optimized visual story telling language, but also establishing best practices for a tutorial Snapchat show. It was a challe…
Best Snapchat Discover Story – MTV International/France
Our key objective was to create a Snapchat Discover presence that reflects and represents our young audience (Snapchat's demographic aligns with our own target audience, of between 14-34), producing daily diverse, intelligent, and entertaining content that informs and educates. The channel head set the target of achieving over 4 billion total view…
NFL Highlights - A New NFL Snapchat Discover Story
The NFL Snapchat rolled out a brand new Discover Story this season, which served as a ground-breaking way for fans to receive and interact with publisher stories on Snapchat. Our highlights have always been a top performer on the platform, and we wanted to take it to the next level with the way we presented them. This led to the creation of the NF…
Twinkle Twinkle Little Dick
Smoking cigarettes is bad. Young people know this because they have been told again, again, and again. And then one more time for good measure.But it's still not enough. Each year, thousands of young people will pick up their first cigarette and shorten their lifespans by ten years on average. It's our job to deliver the facts and truth about smok…
What the Fashion
As the new, Millennial take on the E! linear franchise FASHION POLICE, "WHAT THE FASHION" strives to become the go-to show for celebrity fashion for a mobile-first audience. With a 48-hour window from filming to delivery, the show aspires to stay as topical as possible with an extensive research and prep process for photos and graphics. Our challe…