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From the 11th Annual Shorty Awards

Goldman Sachs Blockchain Infographic Snapchat Promotion

Entered in Snapchat Discover Story

About this entry

The objective of distributing Goldman Sachs' interactive Blockchain infographic on The Economist's Snapchat Discover channel was to seamlessly drive engagement with the infographic in an environment where our target audience is naturally spending time.

Why does this entry deserve to win?

In looking for distribution vehicles for the Blockchain infographic, we knew from experience that the more we could align our content with contextually relevant editorial, the stronger the engagement we would see from users. We partnered with The Economist to identify the right moment in their Snapchat editorial calendar and successfully aligned with their cryptocurrency edition focused on the evolving cryptocurrency market and use cases. As users tapped through editorial Snaps, they were served Goldman Sachs' Blockchain Snap Ads, which took users who swiped up to the full interactive infographic experience. Although the infographic was technically on GS.com, it appeared in Snapchat's web view attachment, never forcing people to leave Snapchat's environment– something we've found is crucial to avoid friction, which increases engagement.

We ran the partnership as a weeklong takeover, ensuring people who were avid visitors of The Economist's Discover channel, or particularly interested in that week's cryptocurrency content, would see Goldman Sachs' infographic, and walk away with a better understanding of blockchain technology and in turn position the firm as a leading voice on this topic.


The partnership resulted in a 3.92% swipe rate– the highest we saw across three Snapchat Discover partnerships in 2018. On average, people spent 1 minute and 18 seconds with the full infographic experience in the webview attachment, indicating significant interest in the content.


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The Media Kitchen, Goldman Sachs


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