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From the 11th Annual Shorty Awards Best in Health and Fitness

Companies specializing in healthcare, pharmaceutical, life sciences or fitness are eligible for this award. Objectives may include developing and delivering product information to target audiences, creating shareable content on health and wellness, or building support for a health-related cause.

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Samsung Wearables Influencer Activation
Samsung expanded its wearables portfolio in mid-2017 and was looking to drive awareness of the new products and position Samsung Mobile as a leader in the category. By working with relevant influencers around the world, we wanted to show how people can use Samsung devices as part of their daily routine as they pursue a well-balanced, healthy and f…
The Well by Northwell - Revmade
The Well is a manifestation of Northwell Health's mission to make a difference as an honest, trusted and caring partner. We're connecting with consumers to provide them with personalized, authentic content (think: no stock answers, less stock images and more original photography, no clinical jargon and no sugar-coating) that reduces their stress, …
Broken Record
As UCHealth continues to evolve telling our patients' stories, we chose to tell the story of the challenges our patients overcome and how they thrived. Our objective was to share these stories as a way to showcase the breadth of specialties offered at UCHealth as well as the remarkable results and successes of our patients post-injury.
Medela 22Victories
The cultural expectations around breastfeeding puts a lot of pressure on new moms: public health groups and health care providers emphasize that "breast is best" for mom and baby, while Instagram and mommy bloggers make the process seem natural, beautiful, and effortless.But while many moms make the choice to breastfeed, 1 in 4 don't make it past …
The birth of a child. The need for a scan. A visit to a sick loved one. Each person enters and engages with a hospital for different reasons. But as a brand, how does a hospital stay relevant before and after those moments? With this question in mind, the Memorial Hermann team spent 2018 building and launching a data-informed content strategy d…


Creating a Leading Wellness Brand on Social with Herbalife
Dear Doctor & Best Practices
Every day, we work with thousands of doctors to help tens of thousands of people manage their medications. Getting to collaborate with physicians in this way has shown us exactly why they're the original heroes of healthcare. At Capsule, we're in a unique position of engaging with doctors, customers, and other healthcare stakeholders equally, so we understa…
Johnson & Johnson's #makeHIVhistory Campaign
When was the last time you heard about HIV?The virus has faded from public discourse since the height of the AIDS crisis in the 1980s. This is a problem, because not talking about HIV makes it more dangerous. The Center for Disease Control reports that rates of HIV diagnoses are increasing among 25- to 29-year-olds and has cited inadequate sex education and…
Mount Sinai Health System Patient Experience Initiative – Your Voice Counts
In 2018, the Mount Sinai Health System launched a cultural transformation initiative aimed at elevating the patient experience. This initiative is system wide, extending across all Mount Sinai Health System hospitals, ambulatory locations and the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai. Our overarching objective is to ensure Mount Sinai delivers the highest…
Runtastic: Content Marketing - Inspiring & Educating Users to Live Healthier and More Active Lives
It only takes the first step to get started, but in what direction should you take that first step? Whether it's running, working out or just living a more active lifestyle, Runtastic has you covered. We combine educational and inspirational content on our Runtastic blog and social media channels to give our users a holistic, authentic approach to achieving…
As America's #1 antacid, TUMS is well-known for its history of heartburn relief. But now, the product consumers know and love relieves more than just heartburn. That's right, new TUMS Chewy Bites with Gas Relief fights heartburn AND gas. To drive consideration and purchase intent of this new product, TUMS sought to appeal to a target in denial of their symp…