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Special Project

Special Project
From the 11th Annual Shorty Awards

The Well by Northwell - Revmade

Gold Honor in Health & Fitness

Audience Honor in Health & Fitness

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The Well is a manifestation of Northwell Health's mission to make a difference as an honest, trusted and caring partner. We're connecting with consumers to provide them with personalized, authentic content (think: no stock answers, less stock images and more original photography, no clinical jargon and no sugar-coating) that reduces their stress, makes them laugh and ultimately feel more confident and capable on their healthcare journey. The Well is about meeting our audience in the moment - through content tailored to life's planned and unpredictable events and mini-media campaigns for each piece hyper-targeted to the people who need the piece most. If our platform has an editorial heart, it has a CRM brain; and it is becoming the soul of our organization.

With the launch of The Well, Northwell Health aimed to:

  • Reduce content creation costs
  • Drive measurable outcomes with content (e.g. book appointment, subscribe, attend event)
  • Increase media spend efficiency (i.e. improve CTR and CPL rates)
  • Drive email database growth
  • Generate leads for nurture campaigns
  • Send referral traffic to

Strategy and Execution

In studies and original research we conducted to drive our strategy, we saw a pattern: Women - especially daughters who are also taking care of aging parents - bear an unequal burden of stress regarding family and community care. She is responsible for her own health, and the health of her family, and feels responsibility for her outside community. They are Chief Medical Officers of the household and they are our target audience. And when they do find time to look for help, they find slideshows of symptoms, celebrities hawking bizarre health trends, or health brands publishing overly sanitized content that overwhelm the senses and stoke the stress they are looking to quell.

Our strategy was to meet our audience in these moments - through content tailored to life's planned and unpredictable events, hyper-targeted to the people who need the piece most.

What do we mean by moments? In our audience research, we observed "flares" in activity around certain moments people experience at any given time in their lives:

All of these trigger a flurry of activity that's bound to result in online research and then, like clockwork, spike anxiety. These were the moments that mattered most to our audience, and the moments they would most need and appreciate our help. We take this hyper-focused and personalized approach to content creation and distribution so that we can map a content solution to each pain point a potential patient might have and so we can establish a relationship before, during and after the healthcare event.

We've implemented the strategy on multiple platforms across Northwell Health:


Our approach to marketing has made us think about metrics differently. Instead of talking about the number of visits or page views we've received, we think about:


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Revmade, Northwell Health


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