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Dear Doctor & Best Practices

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Every day, we work with thousands of doctors to help tens of thousands of people manage their medications. Getting to collaborate with physicians in this way has shown us exactly why they're the original heroes of healthcare. At Capsule, we're in a unique position of engaging with doctors, customers, and other healthcare stakeholders equally, so we understand how the whole system benefits through real-time connectivity. To that end, we set out to shine a spotlight on physicians, a group whose impact is truly life-changing, yet whose work isn't often seen in a social media scroll. Because our followers reflect our position at the hub of healthcare, we felt we could use our content channels to help connect doctors to patients, to each other, and most importantly to new opportunities. We saw this as a way to help move the needle toward better care and a more aligned system⏤a core value for our business and a clear reflection of our mantra that "everybody needs some looking after sometimes." Our objective was to create a community for our doctors⏤full of like-minded, customer-obsessed, technology-forward peers to ask for advice, learn from, share experiences with, and our campaign has provided that through a combination of online content, an online community, and offline events like dinners and open houses.

Why does this entry deserve to win?

We publish two interview series that profile the top MDs and practices across New York that are making a true impact through innovative practice models, compassionate patient care, and more. Our Dear Doctor series is our love letter to women physicians, and our Best Practices series doubles down on game-changing practices using technology to drive a better patient experience than has ever been possible before.

Through Our "Dear Doctor" column, we wanted to express our admiration for the next generation of female doctors. It's no secret that women are still underrepresented in healthcare leadership, and while the number of female medical school matriculants now surpasses the number of male graduates, there is still considerable work to be done. We've received a lot of feedback from women physicians around the desire to connect with peers in their field⏤be it around networking, practice-building, or solving for the challenges of balancing work and family-building. Therefore, one strategy of Dear Doctor is to build a collaborative community among incredible female doctors. Nearly two years in with over 50 physicians having been profiled, Dear Doctor has become just that⏤our physicians use it as a professional networking database, as an invite list to draw from when hosting events, and as a source of tactical advice or personal inspiration to dip into when faced with a particular challenge. To our knowledge, it's the only existing community for top female doctors that's structured around content and storytelling and that lives in a discoverable way on social media channels.

Through "Best Practices," we wanted to double down on game-changing medical practices. With over 50,000 physicians in NYC, there are countless examples that are setting the bar. By highlighting the innovative care models and leaders that stand out, we're able facilitate professional connections and collaborations among not just individuals, but also practices and even institutions.

With both Dear Doctor and Best Practices, the shared objective is to bring physicians and their stories to patients, introducing them to practice environments, treatment philosophies, and technologies that they may not have known about before. By giving doctors and practice leaders the opportunity to talk about themselves and their work in a Q&A format, we can bring out the color and feel of a subject in a much richer way that what one might find on a healthcare website or through anonymous reviews. Because we've built our platform on the core value that "everybody needs some looking after sometimes," we're also able to add a layer of trust to the information we share⏤something that, again, is often missing when patients search online. We hope that these things together can act as a catalyst for people who might be hesitating to seek necessary care, or who don't even know where to begin.


Since the launch of these columns, our subjects have included the founder of Parsley Health, the founder of Alma, the Medical Director of The Oscar Center, the Chief Medical Officer of American Well, an NBC News Medical Contributor, and the Program Director of NYC's Mental Health Service Corps. One of the initiatives that we particularly love comes from 2018, when we spent Pride Month surfacing practices that catered to LBGQT patients and, through this effort, were also able to disseminate the latest information on PrEP (HIV prevention medicine that must be taken regularly to work) and the science and importance behind them. But we truly know we've met our objectives in the day-to-day⏤as our physicians continue to refer friends and colleagues to the program, as previous participants dive into new profiles in the comments section on social media, and as we hear from patients who let us know that they've found just the doctor they were looking for through Dear Doctor or Best Practices. We are most inspired by the community we are building⏤the passionate support that these doctors provide to one another at our events, online and offline, answering questions like how do I get promoted, how do I market my practice, how do I build an effective email marketing campaign, or what tools do you use to manage your practice. All these things are signs we've found another effective outlet for our goal of using technologies and systems to make healthcare a more connected, more human experience.


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