4th Annual Shorty Social Good Awards Categories

See below for official categories. The early entry deadline is on June 26th, 2019 at 11:59pm ET.

From the 10th Annual Shorty Awards Best YouTube Comedian

No longer do those who want to make jokes have to work their way into the world through stand up comedy. Now with just the camera on their phones, millions of people around the world are spreading their humor through sketches, skits and other hysterical videos. Through solos and collabs, these creators made the most LOL more than anyone else.

If you’re a brand looking for recognition for your use of YouTube, enter the Best on YouTube Shorty Award.


Anwar Jibawi
Palestinian-American actor and comedian Anwar Jibawi got his big break on Vine, sharing six-second bits of hilarity with nearly 4M followers before the platform called it quits. But his popularity led to a partnership with Shots Studios, who helped him launch his YouTube channel in mid-2016. Just a year-and-a-half later, Anwar has well over 2.3M...
Brandon Rogers
Brandon Rogers is sort of like a box of chocolates—you never know what you’re going to get. Whether he’s playing a thug with a lot of secrets, a wild west outlaw seeking immortality, or a bullied teen morphing into a vengeful Power Ranger, he’s sure to happily overstep the line of decency. In 2017, he created the web series Stuff & Sam for Faceb...
Danny Gonzalez
23-year-old Danny Gonzalez is sarcastically tearing down social media, one YouTube star at a time. His reactions to videos by people like Lele Pons, Tessa Brooks, and—perhaps his favorite—Jake Paul reveal their logical inconsistencies or basic boringness. His satirical commentary on the silliness of social media helped Danny quadruple his total ...
Rudy Mancuso
Rudy Mancuso is a real double threat, bringing his undeniable talent to both comedy and music. Posting hilarious skits that often feature his fellow YouTubers at Shots Studios, he gained a remarkable 2.5M+ subscribers in 2017, ending the year with nearly 4M total. Plus, another 665K+ fans tune into his Awkward Puppets channel, where Rudy (in pup...
Tana Mongeau
Blonde bombshell Tana Mongeau plays up her antics in regular storytime videos that embellish the wildest and most hysterical moments in her life. In 2017, the 19-year-old YouTube star released the video for her raunchy song “Hefner,” which prominently features actress Bella Thorne and has over 6.5M views to date. That wasn’t the only time this y...


Abdulaziz Baz
Dubai-born comedian and model Abdulaziz Baz, aka Bin Baz (or just Baz), is one of the biggest social media stars in the Middle East. With 4.5M+ followers on Instagram, he is known for posting short, hilarious clips that lampoon everyday life in the Emirates. Whether he’s pranking friends or poking fun at his commenters, Baz is always having a blast. This ...
Candace Lowry
Candace Lowry wants you to realize that “adulting is hard!” The former BuzzFeed social media strategist very publicly left the company this year, posting a video in April 2017 about her reasons for doing so on her recently-launched YouTube channel. It went viral, helping to establish her as a popular comedic voice of her generation, doling out advice abou...
Chris Klemens
Chris Klemens is a comedian and “full time fatass.” A diverse creator, Chris’s channel features a balanced combination of comedy and travel vlogs, skits, and interviews with both celebrities and people on the street. A long-time YouTuber, Chris enjoyed his most successful year on the platform in 2017, gaining over 280K new subscribers. Eight of his ten mo...
YouTube comedian F0XY deals with “everyday life but in a funny way.” She curates her uploads to reflect requests and feedback from her fans, gaining her a very devoted following, surpassing 100K subscribers in March 2017. Jade, the 26-year-old behind the channel, loves to comment on pop culture, especially when a celebrity says or does something controver...
Hannah Stocking
Hannah Stocking is one of the biggest YouTube comedians creating on the platform right now, with 2.2M+ subscribers tuning in to see her hilarious sketches, which often feature her good friends Inanna Sarkis and Lele Pons. Part of the Shots Studios crew, Hannah didn’t even begin uploading videos until December 2016, making her channel one of the fastest-gr...
Miel Bredouw
Becoming a star on Vine has its perks. The beloved platform may be gone, but many of its most popular creators have moved on to bigger and better things. Case in point: Miel Bredouw. She brings her dry wit to hilarious Instagram posts for her nearly 100K @mielmonster followers. But she has also made the move to YouTube, launching a channel in late 2016 an...

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