4th Annual Shorty Social Good Awards Categories

See below for official categories. The early entry deadline is on June 26th, 2019 at 11:59pm ET.

From the 10th Annual Shorty Awards Best in Weird

There’s a lot of stuff out there on the internet, and some of it can be a little quirky and weird. But sometimes that’s exactly what we’re looking for, something to make us go “huh?” and forget about life for a while. Out of all the weirdness on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and others, these accounts made us laugh and cringe the hardest.


Adam Ellis
Illustrator, author, humorist, and guy who is definitely “not.conor.oberst,” Adam Ellis has built a huge following on social media with funny cartoon strips that often appear in BuzzFeed. His followers laugh at the dark but hilarious takes on everyday life evoked through the bulging eyes of characters (including a bearded take on himself). After...
If you high
Perhaps the most appropriately-named Instagram account on the platform, @ifyouhigh scours the internet for hypnotic pics, gifs, and vids that people can (and do) gaze at endlessly. 1.5M+ stoners, er… followers love its captivating posts, like the oddly soothing video of a metal ball rotating in magnetic putty, a rattlesnake beautifully blending ...
James Fridman
If Twitter was the land of Oz, then James Fridman would clearly be the Wizard, granting Photoshopped wishes to all who submit photos. But James is the real deal, wielding some serious Photoshop skills that give every person who wants his magic retouching exactly what they asked for, even if it’s not what they expected. His 1.2M+ fans on both Twi...
Fans of NOT A WOLF on Twitter and Facebook might be disappointed to find out that the hilarious posts are from comedian Dan Sheehan and not actually from a wolf with a love of caps lock. Dan’s sly jokes—from the point-of-view of a wolf in man’s clothing—cover everything from pop culture to politics and, of course, wolves. He keeps his 105K+ Twit...
The Report of the Week
The Report of the Week star Reviewbrah may be the youngest old soul on the internet. Like someone transported to YouTube from a 1940s black-and-white movie, Reviewbrah’s anachronistic appeal stems from his refined nature, old-timey radio voice, and proclivity for suits. In 2017, he continued to provide his signature reviews of fast food, from Bu...


Animated Text
“When the moon hits your eye and you suddenly cry that’s depression,” says one of the countless floating 3D text memes from Twitter’s @animatedtext. Social media artist Cat Frazier makes “‘dad jokes’ if your dad was a black lesbian.” Using the aesthetic of 90s internet sites like GeoCities, Cat’s hilarious, often-risqué gifs would surely make dads everywh...
Krang T. Nelson
Krang T Nelson says he was “born to dance,” but he was also born to point out political absurdity, embracing his role as Twitter’s watchdog against Trumpism, the alt-right, and ultra-conservatism. With wit as his weapon, he battled constantly in 2017. So much so that his Twitter account was suspended after he wrote a satirical post mocking the outsized fe...
It’s fair to say the satirical genius behind Instagram’s @shavaunna has, in fact, created a “hot original.” Posting pictures of a disembodied Barbie head (with two inexplicable plastic hands coming out of the neck) in all sorts of typical Instagram situations, from eating brunch to taking selfies with her (also disembodied) besties, @shavaunna makes sure ...
da share z0ne
Dubbed “the Coolest Uncool Place on the Internet” by Slate, Twitter’s @dasharez0ne creates memes that juxtapose images of gothic, death metal-style skeletons with funny text like “GOT THE DAY OFF time to google people from my year book.” The intense imagery mixed with text that highlights life’s mundane routines pokes fun at the way so many people relate ...
Eric Curtin, aka Eric Turtle, aka @dubstep4dads, aka the guy “changing my name to austin/blake/chad… when vine 2 drops,” has been pouring out absurdist thoughts and anxieties about life into funny tweets since he was in high school. He hasn’t missed a beat in 2017, with 225K+ Twitter followers loving his irreverent and delightfully warped sense of humor. ...
Slime is not just for kids anymore. Even though @slimeysugar is the brainchild of teenager Megan Li, there’s something about watching her hands knead slime that resonates with 755K+ followers on Instagram in a primal way. Megan’s rainbow-colored concoctions are created by mixing together household goops (like glue and shaving cream) with other fun element...

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