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Special Project

Special Project
From the 7th Annual Shorty Awards

Mute the Mouth: An Above the Influence Game

Winner in Education

Finalist in Facebook Campaign, Contest or Promotion

Entered in Facebook, Most Creative Use of Technology, Social Media Tool, Humor, Gamification


For teens, confidence doesn't always come easy, especially when forces like peer pressure tend to sneak up unexpectedly. So, to prepare them for that pivotal moment when they need to be true to themselves, we created Mute the Mouth, an Above the Influence game, to help them shush, zip, and mute negative influences without having to say a word.

It's a first-of-its-kind Facebook game that uses facial gesture recognition technology. It can accurately detect and measure a not-so-subtle, non-verbal teen language known to squash everything in its path.

During play, teens are pestered with random dumb ideas, and the sooner they make the correct shut-it-down face the faster they'll move on to the next round. After successfully completing four rounds, every player earns a badge, because with social credentials like "Big-League-Drivel-Zipper" or "Master-Muzzle-Muter" their network will know whom they're dealing with.

Strategy and Execution

Mute the Mouth uniquely plays teens' strength: making to faces to express their feelings. By deploying the latest in facial recognition technology, an innovation that's still in its infancy, we're able to give teens the tools and practice time they'll need to get out of a bad situation with confidence. The game is fun, easy, and seemingly in jest, but the real reward will come later when they can effectively use what they've practiced. By combining this new capability with the power of social media, we've created a truly rich, and more meaningful social experience for teens.


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