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Special Project

Special Project
From the 16th Annual Shorty Awards

Crash Coverage

Winner in TikTok Partnership, Contest or Promotion, Comedy Video

Finalist in Food & Beverage

Gold Honor in Brand Awareness Campaign

Silver Honor in User-Generated Content, Humor



The energy drink market is overflowing with massive brands that usually leave consumers feeling gross. MiO Energy, on the other hand, is a customizable water enhancer that doesn't fill you with sugar and regret. But in an overcrowded market, no one was hearing us. We needed Gen Z energy drink consumers to discover MiO as the answer to energy without the consequences. But, how do you make noise in an industry run by the big guys?


A crash is an episode of negative symptoms like fatigue, brain fog or jitters that occurs after consuming a high amount of sugar and caffeine. Turns out, this happens to over 55% of people after drinking an energy drink. That's Bull. Unlike conventional energy drinks, MiO provides energy without the crash so, we addressed their issue head-on… If you can claim a car crash, why not an energy drink crash? 


To show energy drink lovers that MiO has them covered, we created the world's first Energy Drink Insurance, covering the damages caused by the competition. For the first time ever, people could claim an energy drink crash. We made claiming easy; share a video or write-up describing a bad experience from an energy drink. By offering Crash Coverage, we got energy drink fans to roast our rivals for us, while positioning MiO as the energy drink alternative that doesn't leave you feeling awful.

Strategy and Execution

We targeted Gen Z energy drink consumers by running our campaign on social media and making them an offer they couldn’t refuse. For peak relevance, we launched during a time when energy drink sales skyrocket, exam season. We targeted students at the one place they go to take a break from studying, TikTok. It started with humorous insurance-style videos using Jack Innanen, one of the platform's most recognizable young personalities, as our claims adjuster. The unexpected collaboration and unique offer sparked instant conversation, TikTokers were quick to engage and share with friends. Energy drink victims were eager to get Jack’s attention and the claims poured in. 

We received hundreds of unique entries through TikTok and directly on our Crash Coverage website. We couldn’t mention our competitors by name but that didn’t stop participants from doing it. They called out the world's biggest energy drink brands, drowsiness, the shakes, sweaty pits, nervous sh!#$; you name it, they claimed it. Jack stitched the most entertaining ones on TikTok, awarding various amounts of money depending on the "damages." We also gave the entrants MiO Energy, to ensure they never crash again.


The unique offer earned us valuable user generated content from our competitors’ consumers. Jack’s playful, cheeky humor perfectly complemented our bold concept and millions of TikTokers watched him evaluate the claims and award damages. By putting Jack in a role unlike any other, and using TikTok in an unexpected way, we successfully engaged a new audience. Crash Coverage turned the industry's problem into our publicity and now Gen Z knows where to go for crash-free energy.


Video for Crash Coverage

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The Kitchen North America, Kraft Heinz


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