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Special Project

Special Project
From the 15th Annual Shorty Awards

Walker Webcast

Finalist in Real Estate, YouTube

Entered in Brand Awareness Campaign, Brand Identity, Branded Podcast, Branded Series, Insights & Trends, Multi-Platform Campaign, Multi-Platform Presence, Other Podcast Genres, Video Series, YouTube Presence


The Walker Webcast was launched with the onset of COVID as a way to stay connected with our clients and provides viewers valuable insights from a broad network of leaders inside and outside of the commercial real estate sector and the broader leadership world that was being denied that community connection. The weekly webcast offers fresh perspectives about leadership, business, the economy, commercial real estate, and more.

Walker & Dunlop  CEO Willy Walker hosts an incredible and diverse network of leaders as they share the wisdom that cuts across industry lines. His guests include prominent CEOs, leading economists, iconic investors, top authors and academics, high-ranking government officials, sports heroes, and more. The webcast series has served to elevate our brand with the voice of our CEO interviewing a diverse and thought-provoking set of guests that include:

KATHERINE GEHL, Business leader and co-author of "The Politics Industry."

DR PETER LINNEMAN, Leading economist and former Wharton professor

JAMIE LEE CURTIS, actress, author, producer, activist


JOHN FURNER, Walmart U.S. President & CEO

DAVID IGNATIUS, Washington Post Associate Editor & Columnist 

MARY ERDOES, JP Morgan Asset & Wealth Management CEO 

DIANA OLICK, CNBC Real Estate Correspondent

DR. WAYNE A. I. FREDERICK, Howard University President

CHRIS PAUL, NBA All-Star & NBPA President


GLENN YOUNGKIN, Former Co-CEO of The Carlyle Group and 74th Governor of the State of Virginia

Strategy and Execution

The Walker Webcast was designed to connect a community of leaders in financial services for Commercial Real Estate and much more. CEO Willy Walker is the host and researcher for all the interviews he conducts. Willy took a broad-stroke approach to develop a guest platform that could be a resource for leaders to connect and share their insights on a diverse set of subjects to inform a broad audience on topics from longevity to the power of " Smart Brevity."

Challenges of weekly production required a maniacal focus on the process needed to secure the guests, produce, market, and promote the webcast via traditional and digital marketing, create a landing page for each episode, convert it to a YouTube video, and into a podcast.

Willy's handle on the subject matter of each guest, paired with his interview style, makes for an engaging and informative conversation. He is uniquely able to synthesize a ton of data and connect the dots for his interview guest and listeners.


What makes the Walker Webcast Unique?

There is no other webcast/podcast in the Commercial Real Estate Industry delivering consistent weekly insights to its followers. The Walker Webcast also creates stickiness for its clients/customers, shown by repeat business and generating some incremental brand awareness, business, and new relationships for Walker & Dunlop. 


The Walker Webcast is widely viewed in the real estate world and beyond. Our guests enjoy talking about their business, book, work, and life in front of a large and well-informed audience. 



Weekly average webcast audience: 64,000 views

Highest performance: 160,000 views for an episode

6.3M views since the launch

192,000 subscribers

397,000 Podcast downloads


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Walker & Dunlop


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