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The Shorty Awards honor the best of social media and digital. See categories below. The early entry deadline is on December 9th, 2021.

From the 9th Annual Shorty Awards Best Graphics

This award honors a social media campaign or overall social presence for exceptional use of graphics. Visuals used in posts, to enhance social profiles, and as part of integrated campaigns are eligible. Creative integrity, strategic integration, shareability and effectiveness will be considered.

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Adobe Photoshop "There's Magic Inside"
Adobe challenged us to drive deeper Photoshop engagement to help support a wider business goal of increasing and retaining creative cloud subscribers. We believe that people who are more highly skilled in a creative product's advanced functionality are more likely to continue subscribing because of their ever-growing ability to bring their creativ…
#GoldLife Rewards
In the Spring of 2016 Starbucks re-launched their loyalty program as Starbucks Rewards. The new program offered points – or "Stars" – based on dollars spent, replacing the old way of Stars per transaction. Starbucks was sensitive to the fact that there would be some customers who would earn Rewards slower than they did before. And some of those cu…
The Rocky Horror Picture Show – #TransformationTuesdays Social Campaign
In 2016, Fox re-invented the classic musical sensation, the Rocky Horror Picture Show. Starting 3 months before the show's premiere, we introduced fans to the show by launching a giant social media campaign across Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. We called it #TransformationTuesday. Every Tuesday, we revealed 1 special piece of thu…
Handcrafting Starbucks for Holiday
In a particularly fragmented holiday season, Starbucks wanted to generate and sustain excitement for this year's red cups, even as holiday shoppers spent more time online, and less time hitting the shops.
Spalding 125th Anniversary of Basketball
Spalding and basketball are synonymous, and the game itself had an anniversary coming up. 125 years. The Spalding brand wanted to celebrate the anniversary of basketball and bring attention to the game in a way that only Spalding could. This would have to be done with a very limited budget, hardly any media spin, and launched during the holidays,…


Baskets Character Cards
To promote the first season of Zach Galifiankis' offbeat new comedy, Baskets, FX wanted to artfully introduce each of the major characters in a unique way. The idea was to showcase the show's signature combination of both high and low brow – (for example juxtaposing the titular screw up of a clown from Bakersfield, CA who trained in the artistry of clowning…
Chambord Social Media Campaign
Chambord, the French raspberry liqueur had a petite problem in the US. Nobody's ears had heard of it or tastebuds knew what to do with it. So, the brand asked Mistress to help it cut through the clutter of social media by creating a visual imagery that was addicting to stare at, extended the brand's whimsical persona into the social space, and ultimately ed…
DC Comics Social Content
As one of the most successful and well-known comic book publishers in the world, DC Entertainment keeps its fans informed of the latest news and developments for over 70 comic book series, and the brand depends on engaging and outstanding social media to do it. In 2016, DC relaunched its line of comic book titles, managed its Vertigo imprint for mature read…
Feats of Wonder Social Campaign
It's been exactly 1454 days since the 2012 London Olympics, and while we've gone about our ordinary lives, Australia's Olympians have embarked on a different kind of journey: Incredible journeys that have been nothing short of Wonderfilled. As an official sponsor of the Australian Olympic team, Oreo wanted to get all Australians behind our athletes and appr…
The Night Of - GLOW, HBO
Crafting a creative social campaign for such a visually striking show as The Night Of was no easy task. Our objective was to enlist fans of true crime and realistic crime fiction to watch, discuss, and advocate for The Night Of--an addictive, cinematic exploration of the modern judicial system. Taking cues from the cinematography of the series, we created c…