13th Annual Shorty Awards Categories

The Shorty Awards honor the talented agencies, brands, and industry leaders behind the best and most innovative work on social media and digital channels, campaigns, websites and applications.

From the 8th Annual Shorty Awards Best YouTube Comedian

Whether they vlog, tell jokes while playing an instrument, or make funny videos of animals running in slo-mo, these humorists are your favorite. These comedians are connecting with their fans and using YouTube as their main platform for premiering material. Their YouTube page is an integral part of their schtick and YouTubers love them back.

Brand entries using social media in this space can be found in the Best on YouTube Shorty Award.


Jus Reign
Jasmeet Singh contrasts deadpan delivery with an un-PC approach to race and pop culture. His vines—which he releases daily—are near a billion loops, and his snaps got him a spot on SnapperHero, Snapchat’s first original series. Jasmeet, who grew up in Canada as the only brown person in his town, writes vlogs and sketches that function like traditi…
Mamrie Hart
Mamrie Hart’s pun and drink filled YouTube channel functions as a who’s who of YouTube comedy, featuring frequent collaborations with Tyler Oakley, Shane Dawson, and Miranda Sings. In 2015, Mamrie branched out from her titular channel into a two-woman stage show with Grace Helbig, called “This Might Get Weird, Y’all." She also released a book base…
Mike Falzone
Mike Falzone entered the YouTube comedy scene in 2006, before other comedians had really used the medium, and his down-to-earth vlogs earned him some devoted young fans who’ve grown up with him over the years. Mike’s also honed his standup comedy skills to garner some serious acclaim, as well as a book deal and a job hosting the Buffer Film Festiv…
Miranda Sings
Miranda Sings, from comedian Colleen Ballinger Evans, is the obnoxious and somehow endearing parody of a YouTube star. Staunchly religiously conservative, racist, homophobic, and delightfully unaware, the character of Miranda is a cross of Lea Michele’s character on Glee and the woman from the viral “Can’t Hug Every Cat" autotuned video. In 2015, …
Ryan Higa
Master of over 16 million subscribers (leading to almost 2.5 billion views since 2006), Ryan Higa and his production company Higa TV began with simple, audience-addressing vlogs in Higa’s bedroom… and mostly still do that, with occasional guest stars in the living room. His satirical music video “Nice Guys" has more than 60 million views, and his …


Emma Blackery
Sketch wiz and musician Emma Blackery rose to fame by reading the entirety of 50 Shades of Grey aloud in all its embarrassing glory on her YouTube channel. Since then, she’s ventured into writing ukulele songs about the treachery of Google+ and moved her honest brand of self-deprecating humor to an advice video series called Feel Good 101, where she openly …
Head of the comedy YouTube vlog channels Hartbeat and the newer Queird, lesbian icon Hart is bringing her brand of raunchy, NSFW, filterless comedy to a combined internet audience of more than 2.5 million viewers. Her channels jump between skits starring herself and various alter egos discussing her daily life, from her romantic escapades to hanging with he…
A Midwesterner turned LA pop-culture pundit, King Russel, aka Kingsley, addresses his audience head-on, alone in bedroom or with occasional accompaniment by other internet stars like Colleen Evans, Todrick Hall, or Cody Johns. A young queer black man with lesbian parents, his pop-culture rants pick out “controversies" to rail on with quick wit and irreveren…
Megan Batoon
Drawing in almost half a million subscribers to watch her proceed through daily life, Megan Batoon is a star choreographer and internet personality backed by Red Bull and World of Dance, a traveling international dance contest. Her Meganbytes are weekly recaps of her Starbucks runs, late night Outback Steakhouse binges, car rides with her friends—she takes …
Taryn Southern
Taryn Southern is to YouTube vlog stars what Stephen Colbert is to Republicans—biting satire at the expense of unintentionally hilarious corners of the internet. After making it to the top 50 contestants on American Idol Season 3, Taryn excelled at YouTube stardom with her “Hot For Hillary" Clinton love song. Now her channel is a treasure trove of star coll…
The Gabbie Show
Unabashed Angeleno fangirl Gabbie Hanna regularly produces bare-boned vlogs for her massive audience of 700,000 subscribers, telling 7–10 minute stories of harrowing Uber drivers, bad dates, and her psycho roommate. She’s open about how YouTube stardom’s changed her life, and Vanity Fair used this earnestness for a video about Gabbie’s musings on the future…

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