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From the 8th Annual Shorty Awards

The Gabbie Show

Nominated in YouTube Comedian

About The Gabbie Show

Unabashed Angeleno fangirl Gabbie Hanna regularly produces bare-boned vlogs for her massive audience of 700,000 subscribers, telling 7–10 minute stories of harrowing Uber drivers, bad dates, and her psycho roommate. She’s open about how YouTube stardom’s changed her life, and Vanity Fair used this earnestness for a video about Gabbie’s musings on the future of space travel (spoiler: there’s a six-horned unicorn). Her style is straightforward and awkwardly personal, and the massive fame she’s achieved through her tenure at BuzzFeed becomes the subject of much of her comedy, shining blinding light on an industry of haters, basics, and crazy fans.

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