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From the 6th Annual Shorty Awards GIF Maker

Who has the time now to watch a 4 minute video of cats playing with a toy, or someone making a fool of themselves? What everyone does have time to do is spend countless hours getting hooked on those wacky GIFs showing the same thing in few second increments. This Shorty will honor the top creator of GIFs that we all know and love; nominate your favorite #GIFMaker.



Laura ✌️
I am a creator of GIFs, icons and editions, with a specialization in photoshop in the national school SENA of Colombia, being the editor of biggest fansites (@ NiallsNotes and @ SGColombia on twitter) with more than 13,000 followers and fan club official by record music companies (SGColombia on Facebook) with more than 21,000 likes. I deserve to w…
Ryan Holmes, otherwise known as "Taco," has been making videos for over 5 years. He is 24 years old and lives in the smallest state of the United States. If you don't what state that is, google it and learn something. He makes strange youtube videos for fun, most of the time making a fool of himself for laughs. Not your average weirdo. Taco and h…
Timothy Burke
Tim is Video/Assignment Editor at Deadspin.com and operates the websites 30fps, Gifulmination.com, and Mocksession. He lives in St. Petersburg, Florida, and is a former communication professor who completed his doctoral coursework at the University of South Florida. Animated GIFs have been used as a form of communication and as an artistic platf…
Web developer by trade, wrestling fan at heart. First started making GIFs in the late 20th century during the WWF's Attitude Era. Since then the passion for wrestling has combined with the passion for making GIFs, and the results are... ridiculous? Hilarious? Pretty darn neat-o? YES! YES! YES! All GIFs/pictures go out to followers of not only the…
ann friedman
I’m Ann Friedman, a magazine journalist who loves the internet. I write a regular column about politics, culture, and gender for NYmag.com. I also contribute to The New Republic, NewYorker.com, ELLE, Rolling Stone, Los Angeles magazine, Newsweek, The Gentlewoman, and lots of other publications. I make hand-drawn pie charts for The Hairpin and disp…
@Daniel_JessieJ makes GIFs of Jessie J on Tumblr, he is known for his GIFs and edits, on Tumblr, and on Twitter he is known for his randomness and weird personality, he is one of those people that everyone gets along with and everyone loves. He uses social networks to post his edits and GIFs, he also uses them to communicate with friends/fans.