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The Shorty Awards honor the best of social media and digital. See categories below. The early entry deadline is on December 9th, 2021.

From the 10th Annual Shorty Awards Best in Business to Business

Best use of social media in business to business marketing strategies and campaigns. Objectives may include promoting thought leadership, generating leads and traffic, utilizing market data and increasing customer engagement.

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#TheNetworkIntuitive: Cisco Activates the New Network with a Digital Launch
In 2017, Cisco changed forever how we think about the network. Ushering this new era in networking, Cisco ignited The Network. Intuitive (TNI) launch with a digital strategy creating the fastest ramping of a new product introduction in Cisco history, and brought unprecedented advancements in delivering intent-based networking for customers. With a…
Activating The KPMG Brand Through Social Media
KPMG embarked on a mission to tell the world how we can help transform businesses by thinking innovatively in any industry. We created storytelling platforms with Forbes and CNN to access new audiences, allowing us to also increase familiarity and consideration for the full range of our services, evolve and strengthen brand perceptions and incr…
Meet Vee
With voice assistants from Amazon and Google entering homes at breakneck speeds, VaynerMedia saw an opportunity for their clients (and potential clients) to reach consumers in new, impactful ways. VM had already developed multiple voice applications and was selected to be one of Amazon's few preferred partners. But before we could start the 'voice…
What "I" Can Disrupt
Once the default partner of the CIO, IBM was ranked lower in consideration among CIOs in 2016. Objective for 2017/18 was and is to re-win the hearts and minds of CIOs and to get them to re-assess how they view IBM. IBM once dominated the hearts and minds being leader of NPS (Net Promoter Score) but over the last 10 years hot startups had stolen th…
athenahealth 2017 HIMSS Conference Activation
athenahealth is a Healthcare IT company that provides medical groups and hospitals with products and services for EHR (electronic health records), patient engagement, practice management and billing, care coordination, population health and more. The company mission is to help physicians focus on patients instead of paperwork. A relatively young b…


#LifeAt: Discover small and midsize enterprises innovating and growing with SAP solutions
The "S" in "SAP" doesn't stand for sexy. We're an 88,000 employee, multinational enterprise software corporation that helps the world run better and improve people's lives. But our brand doesn't exactly scream "exciting" or "cool." So we on the SAP Small Midsize Enterprise (SME) marketing teams were faced with a question: How do we market our solutions to s…
BotBot, the bot that builds bots
Chatbots allow companies to improve customer service and increase sales. But, however simple they appear, building chatbots requires considerable creative and technical expertise, time, and money. These restraints make chatbots inaccessible to most small businesses.BotBot enables small businesses to build chatbots in minutes, not months, without assistance,…
Deconstructing the Future: IoT in the Industrial Age – creating a one-of-a-kind digital experience
OBJECTIVE: Transform what the industry thinks of when they hear the words "white paper". GOAL: Drive engagement in social and on-page – to drive downloads and sales leads
Driving Pipeline Revenue Through Social
Converting qualified leads into sales is the goal of a well-executed lead nurture program for any brand. With the introduction of Facebook lead gen ads in 2017, Dell EMC found an opportunity to create a multi-funnel based approach within social that took IT Decision makers throughout the customer journey from awareness to sales lead, through a holistic digi…
ONWARD 17: An Exploration of the Intelligent Future
Yext aimed to deliver an impactful and high-touch tech conference that brought new technology to the forefront of people's minds. Planning to make ONWARD the preeminent technology conference in New York City, Yext delivered a promotional campaign designed to increase both event and brand awareness. With many tech giants based in Silicon Valley, creating a f…
Psychology of Change
In a time when feeds are crammed with tired business 'tips and tricks' yet business leaders are looking for a relatable way to work smarter, American Express found original inspiration in the theory that understanding your inner instincts can help you effect meaningful change in business, people's lives, and the world. Seeking to drive engagement among sma…