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Special Project

Special Project
From the 10th Annual Shorty Awards

Activating The KPMG Brand Through Social Media

Finalist in Business to Business


KPMG embarked on a mission to tell the world how we can help transform businesses by thinking innovatively in any industry. We created storytelling platforms with Forbes and CNN to access new audiences, allowing us to also increase familiarity and consideration for the full range of our services, evolve and strengthen brand perceptions and increase external awareness and engagement.

Strategy and Execution

Can a professional services firm rewrite the planet's operating system? That's the question Forbes and KPMG set out to answer as they developed "The Great Rewrite" series, a custom, multi-platform native advertising program. The program was designed to showcase KPMG's deep expertise across key industries in an exciting, unexpected format and position KPMG as a thought leader to senior business executives.

KPMG thought leaders were also given the opportunity to publish articles on as part of the KPMGVoice platform. Articles featured on the site discussed KPMG's POV on key topics of importance to our clients.

In KPMG's "The Entrée" video series, Joie Chen, a seasoned journalist, sits down with a diverse cast of KPMG partners and industry luminaries. Set in iconic New York eateries, Chen and her guests explored topics as diverse as the meals themselves, ranging from business transformation and cybersecurity to growth strategy and "higher purpose."

Our social media plan was constantly evolving and leveraged a variety of assets (including thought leadership, perspectives articles, videos, etc.), developed in conjunction with Forbes and CNN.

Using our industry expertise, we were able to craft impactful social media content to align with the overall campaign objectives, and revamped traditional content and assets to become more socially friendly. More than 50 paid campaigns were run via our LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook accounts from April-October 2017, each with unique campaign assets, objectives and targeting criteria. The 50+ paid campaigns greatly exceeded our paid benchmarks (some even by 100-300%!) in terms of click through rate, engagement rate, video view rate and more, engaged our key target audiences, and resulted in our most impactful, overall social media campaign to date.


This integrated, multichannel social media approach was a driving force in the overall success of the firm's external brand campaign efforts, and this content, collectively, was the firm's highest performing social media content to date.

  • Although our campaign's primary focus was to engage our target audience of C-suite executives, our content ended up resonating with audiences of varying ages, industries, locations and backgrounds.
  • The 1,445 organic messages published from the firm's main KPMG U.S. social media accounts generated 4,449,667 impressions, 18,973 engagements, 11,309 clicks to corresponding brand related content, 5,805 likes/reactions, 1,671 Retweets/shares and 98 comments/replies.
  • The paid social media campaigns that launched on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook resulted in 260 total crafted messages, 8,658,978 targeted impressions, 137,908 engagements, 76,044 targeted clicks to corresponding brand related content, 2,697 likes/reactions, 751 Retweets/shares and 256 comments/replies.
  • Our firm's employee advocacy tool enabled employees to be key factors in the amplification of pre-approved social content, driving an additional 9,420,222 total impressions and 9,783 clicks to campaign related content.
  • Generated 1,260,013 total paid video views across our Twitter and Facebook pages.
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