4th Annual Shorty Social Good Awards Categories

See below for official categories. The early entry deadline is on June 26th, 2019 at 11:59pm ET.

From the 10th Annual Shorty Awards Best in Art

No longer do artists have to be in a museum to have their work seen by the masses. Artists from all over now post their work on Instagram, Snapchat, YouTube and a slew of other apps. Whatever their craft, be it drawing, painting, photography or something entirely different, these 12 artists proved that they have world class talent.


Alexa Meade
Alexa Meade has expanded the idea of what a canvas can do, making “real live humans and 3D spaces look like a 2D painting.” The mesmerizing technique she created in 2009 has been thrilling people at art installations throughout the world ever since. From an exhibition this year at Baselworld in Switzerland to a feature in VICE, Alexa’s “living p...
Charlotte Love
You might say that Charlotte Love loves to animate inanimate objects, bringing foods, leaves, household objects, and more to life by adding eyes, lips, props, and whatever else will give them a colorful personality. As her 80K+ Instagram followers can attest, it’s hard to fight the urge to cuddle up with the British artist’s cute subjects. Her “...
Chris Hong
There is an old-fashioned, storybook feel to Chris Hong’s watercolor and gouache illustrations that’s as refreshing as her honesty about the process of creating them. After building an Instagram following that’s 75K+ strong, she launched her Chris Hong Art channel on YouTube so she could give even more insight into the life and work of an indepe...
Dan Hogman
There are not many architects who can claim over 50K views on YouTube, 60K likes on Facebook, 100K followers on Instagram, and 300K Twitter fans, but @DanHogman has accomplished just that. The architect, artist, photographer, and occasional filmmaker built his social media following by posting his sketches of buildings and streetscapes all over ...
Toyin Ojih Odutola
Toyin Ojih Odutola’s solo exhibition at the Whitney Museum of American Art, “To Wander Determined,” opened in October 2017, and showcases the Nigerian-American artist’s layered and emotionally powerful portraits. Toyin established herself in the art world with drawings of black subjects—often self-portraits—rendered in fluid lines of black pen w...


Blake Kathryn
Blake Kathryn took her experience growing up in “the surreal state of Florida” and combined it with her love of anime and her skill as a 3D designer to create a style that is perfectly her own. Her rainbow-colored, retro-futuristic images are as bright as her future, with a growing Instagram fanbase of 25K+ followers who fawn over her psychedelic sci-fi v...
Hanksy NYC
You don’t have to “grow up” to mature as an artist, especially if you become an overnight sensation—like Hanksy did with one hilarious and brilliant Banksy spoof in 2011. In the years since, Hanksy put his punny paintbrush on the pulse of pop culture (including his viral ‘Dump Trump’ mural), anonymously building a following of 114K+ Instagram followers an...
Jon Burgerman
Jon Burgerman raises doodling to a higher art form, with his colorful and wacky creations appearing everywhere from gallery walls to soda cans to ads for brands like Coca-Cola and Nike. For years, the British-born, NY-based doodler has given fans a look into his life by posting funny doodles on pictures he takes in his daily travels. With Instagram storie...
Nick Misani
A self-proclaimed “minimalist obsessed with ornament,” graphic designer Nick Misani shows his love of historical letterforms in his retro, art deco-inspired typography. His painstakingly drawn, digital illustrations of mosaic tile work—a series titled “Fauxsaics”—demand a closer look, as the pieces seem to be made from actual tiles at first glance. With m...
Penelope Gazin
Penelope Gazin didn’t set out to make a feminist point when she founded Witchsy.com, the “curated marketplace for artists,” but she and partner Kate Dwyer did it anyway. While getting the site off the ground, they started noticing a pattern of condescension from potential developers, so they invented a male co-founder (“Keith Mann”) to reply. The welcomin...
Vashti Harrison
Filmmaker and illustrator Vashti Harrison can now add another title to her resume: author. Respected for various projects focused on Caribbean heritage and folklore, in December 2017 she released her first book, Little Leaders: Bold Women in Black History, with words and illustrations that explore the stories of 40 different black women who each played a ...

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