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Special Project

Special Project
From the 10th Annual Shorty Awards

Web Comic Name

Winner in Art

About Web Comic Name

When you hear someone say “oh no,” your first reaction is usually not to laugh. But in cartoonist Alex Norris’s webcomics, “oh no” is often the wry punchline to jokes that reflect the sad realities of modern life. The artist behind Dorris McComics and Webcomic Name has accumulated 200K+ Twitter followers and 125K+ Instagram fans by posting his cute-yet-pointedly-relatable comic strips. Normally consisting of three frames, each strip tells a story that hits on a moment, interaction, or thought that parodies the anxieties we all face. Fans come for the hope-filled purple blob in panel one, and they stay for the twist that brings that blob crashing back down to reality in panel three. Even if you think you can’t relate at first... oh no!

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