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We Shake The World

Finalist in Music & Dance, Multi-Platform Partnership

Entered in Food & Beverage, Integrated Campaign, TikTok, User-Generated Content


The key players in the juice and beverage market in MENA all neatly fall into expected and predictable cliques, from fizzy drinks to juices, dairy and water.  But Rani Float is more than just a juice.  It’s drunk from a sleek can but no fizz, with real fruit chunks.  In many ways it has far more in common with the ‘rebel’ vibes of the energy drinks out there as it breaks all the category conventions.  But compared to the giants of the juice market who had 92% total brand awareness, Rani Float only had 61% brand awareness and only 1 in 10 drank it on a regular basis.   So even though it's all about making life exciting, not everyone had caught on that Rani Float isn't just your average juice.  Its inherent cool vibes were getting lost amongst the bigger brands who shouted much louder.

Rani Float sought to expand its appeal among Arab youth, aiming for brand growth and increased sales. 


  1. Brand growth
    1. Total awareness uplift from 60% to above 70%
    2. Improvement in the brand love scores by at least 0.2
  2. Sales
    1. significant increase in the number of Rani Floats sold during the campaign relative to the period just before launch. Our target was 10% uplift in the key market of KSA


The Arab Youth, as per Vice MENA Youth Survey 2022, stand out globally for their unmatched ambition, creativity, and optimism despite global and regional turbulence. But in the era of social media, their brand preferences are heavily influenced by peer and influencer approval. We had to flip the traditional advertising script. If we wanted to amplify our coolness to expand our appeal, Rani Float couldn’t talk about its cool creds on its own.  We had to make Rani Float cool by association. 

But using influencers to sell brands is so overdone. We had to create content that speaks to the Arab Youth about who THEY are, not the brand. So who could help us?

We found the influencers who are at the crossroads of all things cool: Arab hip-hop artists.  We struck gold with Afroto, the Egyptian rap sensation, who brings massive popularity without losing his roots and relatability, and Aseel, the multi-talented female Saudi pop artist and influencer breaking barriers.  They were the ultimate out-of-the-blue combo, like Rani Float.

The Rani Float x Afroto & Aseel collab resulted in a viral rap, ‘Shake the World’. It was the ultimate anthem for Gen Z because we realized that this generation of the Arab Youth don’t get enough props for their extra-ness. The rap celebrated standing out, getting creative, turning dull moments into parties – they Shake The World.  To ensure authenticity, we involved the community from the start.  Through Rani’s socials, we invited everyone to drop their own rhymes for the rap, building up the hype even before we did anything else.

Then the 10-week media campaign in Saudi Arabia unfolded across various digital, social, and offline channels, aiming to amplify the rap, enhance brand coolness, raise awareness, and drive product trials:

Tease: Amplifying anticipation on social media, over 40 influencers unboxed throwback kits, including Walkman's, building excitement for the upcoming rap.

Launch: On the release day, we orchestrated an epic multi-platform approach. An Anghami pop-up notification coincided with a 45" video on YouTube, accompanied by bite-sized 6" and 3" cuts, and unskippable ads on TikTok, Snap, and Meta. Digital buzz prompted Out-of-Home (OOH) activations in all the cool spots in key cities.

But to ensure everyone got a chance to feel part of the anthem, and connect with Rani Float on their own terms, the Engage phase was key.


Each phase was orchestrated to feed off and augment the previous phases’ efforts.  The campaign was a true demonstration of an multi-media campaign that worked together, not in silos.


Rani Float achieved remarkable outcomes in the 10-week campaign.

Brand Growth:

2. Sales Uplift:

Engagement and Recognition:

The epic collab of Afroto and Aseel authentically integrated Rani Float into Arab youth culture, showcasing the brand's cool credentials in ways traditional advertising can't match. Beyond the collab, our innovative TikTok branded mission didn’t just smash UGC targets but also KSA's cultural barriers by defying the norm of male-dominated participation for the first time. And because we provided multiple ways to co-create and participate, on social, on radio and in malls, we gave fans multiple ways to be part of Rani and therefore more ways to love Rani. 'Shake The World' emerged as a true anthem for the Arab Youth.


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MullenLowe, Aujan


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