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Special Project

Special Project
From the 16th Annual Shorty Awards

15 Minutes of Flavor

Winner in Instagram Partnership, Insights & Trends

Finalist in TikTok Partnership, Multi-Platform Partnership, Food & Beverage


Advertising is oversaturated with big-name celebrity endorsements and collabs. It seems a new product or partnership is dropped every day, making it increasingly difficult to stand out. 

When Heinz set out to launch its new limited-time sauces, we needed to do something different to get people talking about the sauces. So, we eschewed the traditional big-name partnership, and instead, teamed up with “celebrities” who know a little something about a limited-time in the spotlight.

Strategy and Execution

The Idea: 15 Minutes of Flavor - limited-time sauces, pitched by limited-time celebs. 

Each of our sauces was launched by an early-aughts icon, including Rebecca Black, William Hung and Bad Luck Brian, to ensure fans knew our sauces — like their fame— was fleeting.

Sauces were dropped every month at partner restaurants, in a social-led campaign that nodded to the celebs’ iconic moments. 

With flavors like “Rebecca Black Garlic Ranch” “Bangin’ Brewery Mustard” and “Meme-y, Cream-y Chimichurri” fans rushed to try them before they disappeared forever.


Each sauce sold out in under a week, fans took to social after missing out to express their FOMO, and rival restaurants even reached out to see if they could get sauces of their own. 


Video for 15 Minutes of Flavor

Entrant Company / Organization Name

The Kitchen North America, Kraft Heinz

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