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Special Project

Special Project
From the 14th Annual Shorty Awards

KitchenAid Presents Design Minded

Finalist in Instructional Video

Entered in Branded Content, Branded Series, Instagram Partnership, Multi-Platform Partnership, YouTube Partnership, Long Form Video


We were tasked to create content that established KitchenAid major's design perspective. The objective was to create content that shifted consumer perception of KitchenAid major appliances, to be known for its superior design while convincing professional designers and contractors that the appliances were their preference based on ability to inspire great design.

A kitchen is far more than where we eat and cook. Interior design is as tied to our emotions as it is to our appreciation for aesthetics. With the unpredictable 2020 year behind us, one in which our relationship to home drastically shifted to a more holistic one, it had never been more timely to consider the emerging discipline of neuroaesthetics, the study of how design impacts our brains and behavior. From our productivity to our overall well-being, to our ability to serve our own needs and those of our loved ones, the design of our spaces deeply influences how we think, feel, and live.

In partnership with Vox Media, in this campaign, Design Minded, we paired a Designer and Scientist who worked together to reimagine two entrepreneurial homeowners spaces to serve their unique culinary needs, blending aesthetics and the cognitive experience in the space.

Strategy and Execution

Strategically, Design Minded helped the brand tap into the values, aspirations, and habits of our target audience, Creative Curators, and directly show how they can benefit from using KitchenAid Major Appliances, and principles of neuroaesthetics to achieve their own goals in their kitchens at home.

We knew our creative curators value a space that would help their experimentation come to life; a space to think, ideate, recharge and be a sanctuary. They want their products to understand their needs and communicate to them through innovation, freeing them up to be the creative culinary geniuses they are. With this in mind, we focused the program on highlighting the design innovation our products provide, how neuroaesthetic benefits of Majors Design, and how tactile Design of space and products.

Within each episode we focused in on a feeling that our clients wanted to experience in their new kitchens. From there our designer and scientist worked together to check the boxes of both external and internal design success.

Amid the pandemic, supply chain was a challenge that directly hit product availability within KitchenAid. Sourcing appliances to be used for the program, was no easy task. To combat the limited product supply available to us, we reached out to KitchenAid’s expanded network of ambassadors to see how we could intersect someone who was in the process of upgrading their appliances and already had an order placed. From the search we found, Kate Arends, known by many as Wit and Delight. She ended being the perfect addition to our narrative while also helping us to secure hard to source product necessary for our shoot.

The program was brought to life in a variety of ways but at its core was 1x ~30 min video and 2x ~5-10 min videos that lived on NY Mag’s Youtube channel as well as on 3x. In order to drive traction to these elements we distributed :15s videos trailer promotions and cuts across social, a two page print ad in NY Magazine, produced targeted native and distributed assets across Vox’s profile of sites, inclusive of social plus promoted across talent + KitchenAid’s social O&Os.



To accomplish our objective, we paired a Designer and Scientist who reimagined two homeowner’s kitchen spaces blending aesthetics & the cognitive experience in the space. The Vox partnership proved to be very successful as our engagement metrics and brand study results showed the program generated positive interactions and sentiment for the brand. Design Minded content drove impressive lifts against funnel and attribute KPIs, over 500,000 video views in first three weeks of campaign & 100k + social interactions. Specifically, our Kantar Millward Brown campaign study revealed that the program generated +11 pts lift in Consideration, +7 lift in purchase intent, +8 lift in brand preference, and + 5 lift in best style & appearance brand attribute. Overall the program proved to be a fantastic platform to strengthen the connection between KitchenAid major appliances and good design in consumers minds.


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Digitas, KitchenAid


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