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Special Project

Special Project
From the 14th Annual Shorty Awards

Ball Aluminum Super Charger

Entered in Augmented Reality, Branded Content, Immersive, Social Good Campaign, Sports, Storytelling


Historically, Ball Corporation is mostly a B2B operation and at its core provides aluminum beverage packaging to manufacturers. So when Ball approached us about driving visibility for their first-ever aluminum consumer product, the Recyclable Ball Aluminum Cup, we knew we had to go big.

The Ball Aluminum Cup outshines plastic for about the same cost. It is designed to keep everything a little cooler. And unlike plastic, aluminum is a great choice for the planet because it's infinitely recyclable without losing quality or value. 75% of all aluminum ever produced is still in circulation today.

Our globe is facing a pollution crisis and Ball is committed to achieving some big environmental goals by 2030. Their aluminum packaging is infinitely recyclable and can help us reduce the use of single use plastic. 

However, there is a low awareness of the benefits of aluminum and its infinitely recyclable quality. Additionally, the US market has lower recycling rates due to lack of awareness and infrastructure. Aluminum recycling is a simple solution.

Ball recognizes it has an opportunity to make an impact for good within the sports & entertainment landscape. Additionally, insights show that consumers are looking for solutions to help make a difference. 

As a result of the above, Ball challenged us with the following set of goals:

  1. Drive brand engagement and educate fans of the LA Charges on the benefits of choosing aluminum beverage packaging

  2. Create a clear CTA encouraging consumers to participate in the recycling movement in an exciting and empowering way

  3. Integrate aluminum beverage packaging into the activation 

  4. Be COIVD conscious 

Strategy and Execution

The activation commands a 20x20 footprint at all Chargers home games at the SoFi stadium. 

At the core of the Ball Aluminum Cup brand experience is a touchless interactive augmented reality kiosk that sits inside an exact replica of a seven foot Aluminum Cup. Using only gesture control, fans are guided through a full body augmented reality experience, which ends when they have turned into an Aluminum Charger Superhero. 

Throughout the experience, brand messaging is creatively peppered in to tell the recycling story in a fun and visually appealing way. At the end of the experience, fans see themselves in a full body suit made entirely from recycled aluminum cups and surrounded by admiring LA Charger players. 

Each user is presented with a unique QR code which they use to download and share a one minute video onto their mobile phones. The video shows themselves wearing a full body Aluminum Charger Superhero suite alongside their favorite LA Charger players. 

Finally, participants also receive their own physical Ball Aluminum Cup from brand ambassadors, who are onhand to help them through the experience and inform them about the environmentally-friendly innovation Ball is a part of.


Attended by thousands of fans, we leveraged Ball's partnership with the LA Chargers and set  the activation in the fan zone of the SoFi stadium, also home to Ball aluminum drinking cups. 

In times of COVID we combine touchless gesture controlled technology with full body augmented reality to turn fans into a LA Charger recycling SuperHeros, celebrated by their La Charger favorite players. Fans leave the experience supercharged and empowered to continue telling the recycling story and sharing their experience via a unique one minute video on social media. 

Using the latest technology enabled us to create a safe, inspiring, fun and fully interactive digital experience that tells the Ball Aluminum Cup brand story and encourages fans to join the aluminum recycling movement. 

The physical kiosk at the location is recreated from a perfect 7-foot tall replica of the Ball aluminum cup. Driving home Balls commitment to sustainability, they agreed that the model be made of the same recyclable materials.

The sustainable cups have become a fan favorite and are used extensively in the arena, taken home as souvenirs, and most importantly, recycled. 

Due to the immediate success of the experience we are working toward scaling the activation across the world’s largest sports property group, which includes the Denver Nuggets, Colorado Avalanche, and Colorado Mammoth as well as trade shows, and at home WebAR applications. 


Video for Ball Aluminum Super Charger

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COFFEE, The Strategic Agency, BALL

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