13th Annual Shorty Awards Categories

The Shorty Awards honor the talented agencies, brands, and industry leaders behind the best and most innovative work on social media and digital channels, campaigns, websites and applications.

From the 9th Annual Shorty Awards Weird

We all know the web can be a weird place, but sometimes that’s exactly what we need. These nominees can turn YouTube, Twitter, Snapchat, and Instagram into a virtual funhouse—yet each one found a way to make us think, make us laugh, or make us cringe, and somehow we just couldn’t get enough.


Bread Face Blog
What do you get when you take loaves of bread and lovingly smoosh your face into them? Over 135K Instagram followers! That’s exactly the recipe for success Bread Face Blog has baked up, with videos of the Brooklyn-based blogger faceplanting into sliced white bread, pastries, cornbread, or whatever other gluten-filled delight she wants to feel betw…
Casually Explained
A self-described “YouTube video creator and all-around cool guy,” the monotonous stick figure man behind Casually Explained takes big concepts and makes them easy for the internet to digest, like “Evolution” or “Finding a Job.” On its face, Casually Explained seems like it might be giving an honest appraisal of these topics, but it always devolves…
The Food Surgeon
A Seattle-based ”culinary practitioner” who is neither a chef nor a surgeon, The Food Surgeon started posting YouTube videos in early 2016, beginning by “Dissecting a Cutie (Californian Mandarin Orange).” With his sterile operating table, blue latex gloves, and scalpel, he undertakes daring—if wildly unnecessary—procedures on everything from straw…
You Are Dog Now
“I make you dog” is the bold claim of this Twitter feed that went viral at the beginning of 2016, due to some features in Huffington Post and Mashable that told the world how you can simply follow and submit a selfie to @youaredognow and, sure enough, you will see a post with you and your doggie doppelgänger. As you can imagine, the followers quic…
You Suck at Cooking
The farcical cook behind You Suck at Cooking claims the YouTube video series is “No bullshit. Just cooking. (except for all of the bullshit).” While there is some truth that the videos include cooking, it’s hard to believe that’s what any of his over 500K subscribers come for. It’s the offbeat humor and absurdist take on the cliché cooking tutoria…


Astro Poets
The viral Twitter account @poetastrologers sends up daily horoscopes in the most highbrow way possible—by turning them into absurdist poetry. Creators @DorotheaLasky and @alexdimitrov are “actual living poets,” regularly releasing their work with big-name publishers. Though their poetry is no joke, their tweets are pure hilarity, broadening the Zodiac to co…
Attempting to decipher our chaotic universe, British writer, musician, and YouTube creator Exurb1a resorts to “philosophy, theoretical physics, and dick jokes.” With over 17M views of videos spanning “The Universe in 4 Minutes” (spoiler alert: “Nothing means anything and we’re all going to die…”) to “How Casual Sex Should Work,”—it should be robotically str…
Karl From Online
Chicagoan Karl Bergholz, aka Karl from Online (on Twitter and Vine) is the embodiment of internet absurdity. Closely following his motto that “If you ain’t a rascal, you ain’t livin…” Karl enjoys making fun of the ridiculous people in the world almost as much as he likes being one of them. One day he might be taking a dig at an unreasonable restaurant custo…
Thinkpiece Bot
An alien landing on Earth might believe that we have created artificial intelligence, if it read the dead-on Twitter musings of @thinkpiecebot. Started by regular bot creator Nora Reed, Thinkpiece Bot spews out faux headlines for articles that seem like they could—and should—exist in the real world, despite their absurdity, like “Climate Change: The New Hip…
Tom Bro Dude
RIP @tombrodude. Weird Twitter won’t be the same without you. The alias of Philadelphian Tom Reynolds, Tom Bro Dude confounded the Twittersphere with his goofy and preposterous posts for years, usually skirting good taste, and always giving his followers a good laugh. He called 911 just to see if it would work, and trolled the Twitter feeds of local news af…
A murder mystery that played out on Vine in 2016, TownsKiller allowed those who chose to enter the virtual town of Ableben the opportunity to kill or be killed. As the community tried to figure out which fellow Viner was the real killer, they voted on hunches, knocking off their fellow townspeople, who posted dimly-lit vines from beyond the grave, usually t…

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