Enter the 14th Annual Shorty Awards

The Shorty Awards honor the best of social media and digital. See categories below. The regular entry deadline is on February 10th, 2022.

From the 9th Annual Shorty Awards Best Art Direction

This award honors a social media campaign or overall social presence for exceptional art direction. Visuals used in posts, to enhance social profiles, and as part of integrated campaigns are eligible. Creative integrity, strategic integration, shareability and effectiveness will be considered.


The Expanse: Enter the Future
Syfy's The Expanse is a science fiction thriller set hundreds of years in the future, where mankind has colonized Mars and the outer asteroid belt. The Expanse marked a huge initiative for Syfy in the premium, scripted category. With amazing production values and an IP beloved by hardcore science fiction fans, The Expanse presented unique cha…
The Magicians: Welcome to Brakebills
The Magicians, Based upon Lev Grossman's best-selling books centers on Brakebills University, a secret institution specializing in magic. There, a group of twenty-something friends soon discover that a magical fantasy world they read about as children is all too real. Besides, being a magical and strong-performing show, The Magicians poised its…
Chambord Social Media Campaign
Chambord, the French raspberry liqueur had a petite problem in the US. Nobody's ears had heard of it or tastebuds knew what to do with it. So, the brand asked Mistress to help it cut through the clutter of social media by creating a visual imagery that was addicting to stare at, extended the brand's whimsical persona into the social space, and ult…
Ballers Season 2 - GLOW, HBO
The HBO series Ballers reveals there's a lot more to being a baller than a multi-million dollar deal. You have to make a statement. To kick off Season 2 of Ballers on HBO, the GLOW social and creative teams did just that with a social content design strategy to launch the official Ballers HBO Instagram in fashion that expressed premium value and e…


Adobe Photoshop "There's Magic Inside"
Adobe challenged us to drive deeper Photoshop engagement to help support a wider business goal of increasing and retaining creative cloud subscribers. We believe that people who are more highly skilled in a creative product's advanced functionality are more likely to continue subscribing because of their ever-growing ability to bring their creative visions …
Daredevil Season 2 Social Campaign
One question loomed at the center of Season 2 of Marvel's Daredevil: "When does right become wrong?" Our social campaign used compelling creative and social storytelling to examine this question and shine a light on three fractured heroes at the center of the show.
Follow Your TART
In the crowded world of candy, SweeTARTS sought relevance among millennials. Our challenge was to create an ownable brand identity that would transcend SweeTARTS' reputation as a nostalgic filler candy.To stand out in the confection category, brands try to be as weird as possible. But often it's just weird for the sake of being weird. Without a strong ident…
HBO’s Westworld: www.DiscoverWestworld.com
HBO's Westworld transports viewers to an immersive theme park where the line between human and artificial intelligence is blurry. In the world of the show, Westworld is renowned as the highest luxury experience available. How could HBO replicate the look and feel of the park in the digital space? When approaching this challenge, HBO and its partners began w…
Handcrafting Starbucks for Holiday
In a particularly fragmented holiday season, Starbucks wanted to generate and sustain excitement for this year's red cups, even as holiday shoppers spent more time online, and less time hitting the shops.
Olympics News Lab at Google
During the Olympics, a few stories are recycled over and again. But, according to the 300 million daily Olympics-related searches, people are curious about so much more. We wanted join our users in being part of the global Olympics conversations by sharing unique insights about the games while making data (derived from trending Olympics searches) fun, enjoy…
The Rocky Horror Picture Show – #TransformationTuesdays Social Campaign
In 2016, Fox re-invented the classic musical sensation, the Rocky Horror Picture Show. Starting 3 months before the show's premiere, we introduced fans to the show by launching a giant social media campaign across Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. We called it #TransformationTuesday. Every Tuesday, we revealed 1 special piece of thumb-stoppin…
Tums - Fearless Foodies
TUMS' resident man-foods, Meatball and Taco, were going to be on the road all summer at Thrillist and Great American Cookout events, meeting and honoring Fearless Foodies across the country. But we wanted to ensure ALL our followers felt acknowledged and celebrated for their ballsy approach to the foods they love. So we created a poster series they could se…
Xbox 15-Year Anniversary
Create a visual identity and social content to celebrate the 15th anniversary of Xbox across the Xbox global and international channels.
Xbox Design Lab
Xbox is always looking for ways to offer a variety of options for every fan. To give players even more choice and personalization with their Xbox experience, we are proud to introduce Xbox Design Lab, the first online customization program Xbox has ever launched that offers more than 8 million different color combinations to choose from, so you can make the…
Yakult USA Social Media Content
When we began working with Yakult, our goal was to create original, shareable content that would spark conversation within Yakult's broader audience. We wanted to create a brand that would be personable and relatable to its many fans, in the US and overseas. Yakult U.S.A is an international company with a rich history spanning over 80 years. When Yakult ask…