5th Annual Shorty Social Good Awards Categories

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Best work for Developing Nations

This award honors a program, project, or initiative that provides resources to developing nations.

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Be an Honorable Warrior: A campaign to end domestic violence in Cambodia
Objectives Create a bold, culturally resonant campaign to engage and educate Cambodian men about domestic violence, encouraging them to oppose it. Confront the 36% of men who've used violence against women, portraying it as "un-Cambodian", socially unacceptable and legally punishable.  Grow our online presence to influence future ch…
Covid-19 Response from World Bank Group
As the Covid-19 outbreak erupted the World Bank Group moved fast to respond to this in our projects and programs across 100 countries. Our communications team needed to keep our stakeholders, partners, and global audiences informed, engaged and have access to the most current development work happening in this arena. New digital strategies were quickly depl…
Expert Answers from the World Bank Group
“Expert Answers” is the World Bank Group’s flagship video series focused on the latest news and analysis in the international development sector, with a view to enlightening and entertaining a broad, cross-cultural, globally engaged audience. Each episode centers around a big topic in the world of global economics and poverty alleviation, with the aim of…
To develop a creative way to tell the story of the brand’s mission and foundation in an engaging and entertaining way on a day where giving back matters: Giving Tuesday.
Let It Shine
Yamba Malawi’s mission is to uplift vulnerable children by empowering communities to break the cycle of poverty and invest in their children. Working in some of the poorest communities in the world, we have developed a holistic, nuanced, and child-focused poverty graduation program that combines childhood wellbeing, entrepreneurship, and financial inclusion…
The Development Podcast from the World Bank Group
Give The Development Podcast 20 minutes of your time and it will take you on a trip around the globe and into the world of international development. With each episode, World Bank Group experts break down the latest issues and trends harnessing and explaining the data driving global issues in an accessible and engaging way. Along the way, listeners hear fro…
The Other Bar
“Be Radical, Choose Equality” is the message from UNDP (United Nations Development Programme) and the FairChain Foundation for the launch of The Other Bar, a chocolate bar that challenged consumers to take direct action against poverty.  Launched in the UK in November 2019, this experiment piloted a new way of doing business with developing-world produce…
World Bank Group – #YouthOnCovid19 Campaign
The coronavirus pandemic has had a particularly devastating impact on young people. The impact on jobs, education, and mental health have all fallen disproportionately on the younger generations in low income countries. But through their resilience and innovation, young people are also an important part of the recovery story. With an understanding that C…

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