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From the 12th Annual Shorty Awards Best in Gaming

Video games are becoming more complex and difficult to beat each year. Thankfully, we don’t have to get frustrated and throw controllers going on these journeys alone. These 12 gamers have helped entertain, educate and inspire the masses on all things gaming, standing out for combining their passions and personalities for our enjoyment.

If you're a video game maker or marketer looking for recognition for your use of social media to promote games enter the the Best in Games Shorty Award.


Azzyland was listed as one of the ten most-viewed creators on YouTube in 2019, with more than 11M subscribers and more than 4B views on her channel. She was featured on Business Insider’s rundown on the top YouTube creators, the only woman on the list, and in October she traveled to Dubai with famed gamers MatPat and Kwebbelkop for GameCon. Still …
Kassie, aka Gloom, is a gamer and YouTube creator who specializes in variety gaming and playthroughs, amassing 4M+ subscribers on her YouTube. Her explorations of the digital world include gaming, of course, often times playing riddle games with her YouTube friends. In 2019, she did a deepdive into the game Sally Face, an indie horror Adventure ga…
LazarBeam’s channel combines Fortnite and Minecraft gameplay with reaction videos and a weirder, meme-driven edge that appeals to his audience of more than 12M subscribers. Late in the year, he went head to head with PewDiePie in a Minecraft finale that has netted nearly 6M views, helping him accrue more than 4 billion views on his YouTube videos.…
Vanoss Gaming
Known for his iconic owl head avitar, VanossGaming is a massively popular gamer with nearly 35M subscribers and more than 12 billion views on his videos. The brainchild of Canadian content creator Evan Fong, Vanoss is the cornerstone of a gaming empire that covers YouTube, Twitch, Instagram, and beyond. He pairs gameplay videos, comedy montages, a…
Kyle Giersdorf is a 16-year-old Fortnite streamer better known as Bugha, and a pro-player for the Sentinels. He enjoyed an exciting 2019 when he became the best Fortnite player in the world last summer, winning $3M at Fortnite World Cup, beating out more than 4M players and dominating 100 top level competitors in the final. The full video of his e…


Agent 00
Agent 00 is one of the top NBA 2K20 gamers out there, getting his start editing montages for his friends and other pro-gamers. Inspired by the fun they were having, he started making his own videos and highlight reels. Now, he’s a full-time gamer, often producing two videos per week, sometimes more, much to the delight of his 1.25M+ subscribers on YouTube. …
"Comedy gaming commentary, pranks, vlogs ...I do it ALL baby!" Kevin Edwards Jr., aka GamingWithKev, is a hugely popular gamer on YouTube known above all as a comedy gamer for his hilarious commentary, horror game playthroughs and video challenges. Entertaining no matter what game he’s playing, Kev’s bread and butter is Roblox, where he has really made a na…
Inquisitor Master
Alex Einstein, aka InquisitorMaster, is one of the most popular Roblox content creators online, with nearly 5M dedicated subscribers on her YouTube channel. Her channel on YouTube is home to a soap opera’s worth of dramatic scenarios, from bad boys to stalkers and beyond, as the master takes her massive audience with her on her Roblox adventures. Inquisitor…
Netherlands based gamer Jelle Van Vucht, popularly known as Jelly on YouTube, is one of the most-streamed content creators on the planet. Known for his GTA gameplay, he’s recently started a shift toward playing Minecraft that has only expanded his audience. In his videos, he creates hilarious scenarios while gaming, providing commentary that really brings e…
Anyone who plays video games knows that gamer rage is real, and can sometimes be debilitating. It can also create a nickname and help launch you to social media stardom. Austrian gamer Julia Kreuzer is known best under the moniker Miss_Rage, a name that originated from her World of Warcraft-inspired fits of rage. She’s a full-time streamer and content creat…
Ryan Wyatt
Ryan Wyatt is an OG gamer with an enormous profile in the esports. Starting his commentary career working for Major League Gaming in 2009, he’s since emerged as a thought leader and vanguard for pushing gaming into the mainstream. Currently the Global Head of Gaming & Virtual Reality at YouTube, he continues to push Esports into the mainstream. He signed th…

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