4th Annual Shorty Social Good Awards Categories

See below for official categories. The early entry deadline is on June 26th, 2019 at 11:59pm ET.

From the 10th Annual Shorty Awards Best Meme/Parody Account

Sometimes we go on the internet to learn. Sometimes we go to cry. Other times we go on to laugh. These account will certainly help those in search of the latter. These hilarious meme/parody accounts make up some of the biggest and most unique account in all of social media.


Adam The Creator
Adam Padilla, aka Adam The Creator, says, “You have to display creativity at every opportunity, and you have to create something every single day.” The 300K+ people who follow his Instagram account know that he practices what he preaches, posting one hilarious original meme each and every day. Using screenshots, some deft photoshopping, and wry ...
Bros Being Basic
Whether you knew it or not, your life needed an introduction to “The most #blessed & #basic bros on the gram.” Over the past few years, NYC-based comedian Ashley Hesseltine has grown @brosbeingbasic's following to over 660K by reminding the internet that there is no shortage of guys who get out of bed for the #BroséAllDay, mani-pedis, cheesy gro...
Comment Awards
To paraphrase a popular Zen koan: if a comment was made and @commentawards didn’t post about it, did that comment really happen? No longer shall the internet’s best roasts, trolls, and tweets go unnoticed. Thanks to Comment Section Aficionado, Instagrammers all over the world gain easy access to the funniest posts and comments from influencers, ...
Kim Kierkegaardashian
Throughout human history, we’ve had countless generation-defining thinkers—Plato, Galileo, Einstein, and… Kim Kardashian? That’s what apparently happens when you combine the tweets of the pop culture phenom with the wisdom of the great Danish existentialist philosopher Søren Kierkegaard, like @KimKierkegaard has done ever since 2012. With wryly ...
Everyone has issues, and Violet Benson’s are Daddy Issues. The Instagrammer brings a smile to the faces of her 3.9M+ @daddyissues_ followers by pulling pictures, videos, and gifs from the corners of the internet and creating memes by adding her hilarious insights into life, love, and libidos. She also highlights the funniest femmes she can find ...


Fake Science
Facts are complicated. There are just so darn many of them. And who can keep track of all that science anyways? For those of us who like the kind of science that is totally fictional, there is @FakeScience. With 30K+ Twitter followers and 440K+ fans of the @fakescientist Facebook page, the account is working hard “To educate as many people as possible wit...
This is most definitely not the worldwide leader in sports, but for its 840K+ combined social media followers @notsportscenter is the most reliable source for hilarious fake sports news. Whether it’s a post on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, the parody account is bound to be roasting a team, league, or player for something stupid or embarrassing they jus...
If you are one of those people who goes online looking for pictures with motivational words plopped on top of happy people, adorable animals, or beautiful scenery, there are plenty of accounts for you. This is not one of them. Author and Executive Producer of The Bachelor and its spinoffs, Elan Gale puts a new twist on the classic motivational poster form...
The hilarious Viceland mocku-series What Would Diplo Do? brings its hilarity to Twitter with the @_diplo_ account. Rumored to be controlled by the show’s faux-Diplo himself, James Van Der Beek, this parody account lets its 40K+ followers know what goes on in the head of a (fake) DJ. From egotistical boasts about DJs being the only real musicians to callin...
Jessica Anteby has done what it takes to become the queen of the meme. But she’s a generous ruler, taking her keen eye for the internet’s most absurdly hilarious content and putting it on full display with her @beigecardigan Instagram feed. Even when she’s reposting other people’s memes, she makes sure to credit them so her 3.4M+ followers know who to tha...
Babies are hilarious. The best part is that they usually don’t know that they’re being so entertainingly cute. As the population of smartphone-owning parents grows, more and more footage of babies acting ridiculous gets recorded. It’s no surprise, then, that @hilariousbabies has accumulated 1M+ Instagram followers by giving the people exactly what they wa...

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