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Patrón Cocktail Lab — the intelligent cocktail recommendation platform

Finalist in Wine, Beer & Spirits

Silver Honor in Emerging Platform

Entered in Multi-Platform Campaign, Physical & Digital, Creative use of Technology



Patrón enjoys tremendous brand equity and dominates the ultra-premium tequila market — 7 out of 10 bottles sold are labeled Patrón. And yet, most people think of enjoying their tequila as a shot, bottle service, or in a top-shelf margarita.

We needed to change that perception to increase growth in the U.S. and internationally as new competitors were rapidly entering the ultra-premium market.


Patrón asked us to showcase the versatility of their untra-premium spirit with a unique, engaging experience that expands the usage occasions for Patrón and differentiates them from their competitors.

We targeted a segment of Patrón's audience we refer to as "the Knows." They are knowledgeable consumers who participate in the emerging craft cocktail culture by imbibing at establishments and making cocktails at home. "Knows" are an even mix of men and women with a HH income of approx. 80K and range in age from 21 – 45.

Strategy and Execution

The Idea

Patrón Cocktail Lab is an intelligent, recommendation engine that combines consumer insights and technology across mobile, desktop and voice-enabled platforms to serve up the perfect cocktail for you — it's like having your favorite bartender anywhere.

How It Works

Patrón Cocktail Lab showcases the variety and discoverability of Patrón cocktails by delivering recommendations based on occasion, type, flavor, and level of difficulty. Answer a few short questions, search by name or ingredient, or simply "Ask Patrón" for a cocktail that suits your mood on your Amazon Echo device.

Just "Ask Patrón"

The Patrón Cocktail Lab site experience was transformed into an at-home cocktail concierge by developing a Patrón skill for Amazon Alexa, the native software on the Echo device. In addition to serving you the perfect cocktail recipe, you can "Ask Patrón" questions like, "How do I muddle a drink?" or "What can I make with Patrón silver, club soda and limes?", or "What's the difference between Anejo and Reposado?" Patrón is the first spirits brand to develop on this emerging voice-enabled platform.

Curated Recipes & Pro Tips

Patrón Cocktail Lab has an extensive catalogue of expertly curated cocktails and the recipe database is updated monthly with submissions from top bartenders around the world. Pro Tip videos teach you the latest mixology techniques so anyone can make the perfect cocktail at home to complement any mood, meal, or moment.


The Cocktail Lab results have been staggering, with over 28,000 page views in the first three weeks. To monitor performance of the Patrón skill, we developed a custom tracking solution that leverages Google Analytics API within the Alexa app. Notable stats include: 38% increase in site traffic, 30% return rate, 3,000 unique voice interactions, and average of 75 voice cocktail searches per day. The Patrón skill for Alexa has garnered tremendous media attention from Digiday, Forbes, MediaPost and AdWeek. WIRED recently named Patrón one of the 10 Best Amazon Echo Skills. Currently, Patrón is the highest-rated cocktail app on the Amazon Alexa platform.


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SapientRazorfish, The Patrón Spirits Company


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