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Special Project

Special Project
From the 16th Annual Shorty Awards

PAW Patrol In-Store Shopping Experience at Target

Finalist in Paid & Amplification

Entered in Art Direction, Launch Campaign, Social Commerce


Our groundbreaking initiative for PAW Patrol: The Mighty Movie products being sold at Target, redefines conventional retail marketing by tapping into the universal experience of parenthood. We aimed to resonate with parents through relatable content filmed within Target stores, harnessing the shared sentiment of unexpectedly leaving with more items than intended—a familiar scenario for many.

The idea stemmed from a desire to break away from the mundane and predictable social media ads prevalent in the retail sector. By capturing the essence of the "Target effect"—where shoppers enter for one item but leave with an armful—we aimed to forge a deeper connection with our audience.

Our goals were clear and focused. We sought to not only drive clicks but also to convert these engagements into tangible purchases of our new and exclusive product available at Target. Through immersive storytelling and relatable visuals set within the Target environment, our strategy aimed to evoke an emotional response that transcended a mere shopping experience.

By embracing the chaos and unpredictability of a Target visit, we intended to foster an empathetic connection with parents, acknowledging the delightful whirlwind of parenthood and the unexpected joys found amidst everyday errands.

Our campaign's success isn't just measured in clicks or sales; it's about the resonance we create, the conversations sparked, and the emotional bond formed with our audience. Through this innovative approach, we aimed not only to drive commercial success but also to forge lasting relationships with our customers, solidifying our position as one that truly understands and empathizes with the challenges and joys of parenting.

Strategy and Execution

Our endeavor for the PAW Patrol: The Mighty Movie campaign was a quest to capture the genuine essence of a Target shopping experience in a relatable and authentic way. We embarked on this journey by selecting a local suburban Target store that echoed the familiar environment many customers across the map encounter.

Our approach was unconventional yet resonant—we opted for a "selfie style" video to portray a day in the life of a parent navigating the aisles. The goal was to showcase the whirlwind experience familiar to all parents: entering Target with a list and inevitably leaving with items that were never intended.

Filming within the store posed its share of challenges. The bustling atmosphere meant navigating through passing shoppers, fluctuating product availability, varying lighting conditions, and ambient noise. Balancing the need for authenticity with the desire for a polished advertisement was a tightrope walk, demanding meticulous planning and flexibility.

To tackle these hurdles, we strategically scheduled shoots during quieter store hours and collaborated closely with store management to minimize disruptions. Innovative filming techniques and specialized equipment allowed us to capture candid moments while maintaining the visual quality essential for a compelling ad.

Our campaign's uniqueness lay in its authenticity. We didn't aim for a staged, pristine setting; instead, we embraced the chaos and unpredictability of a live store. This approach resonated profoundly with our audience, fostering a genuine connection by portraying relatable 'squirrel' moments that every parent encounters during a Target visit.

In summary, our journey revolved around navigating the challenges of filming within a bustling store to encapsulate the genuine allure of Target shopping. The result was a compelling narrative that captured the authentic experiences of parents, bridging the gap between relatability and polished presentation to create a truly engaging advertisement for PAW Patrol: The Mighty Movie.


Our campaign for PAW Patrol: The Mighty Movie exceeded all expectations, showcasing remarkable success in meeting and surpassing our objectives. The results speak volumes: our overall Click-Through Rate (CTR) soared to an astounding 412.5% above the benchmarks set in 2022. This surge in engagement was equally impressive, with an overall engagement rate surging by an exceptional 473.9% compared to the same benchmarks.

A pivotal measure of our campaign's effectiveness, the Cost-Per-Click (CPC), witnessed a remarkable decrease of 63.4% compared to 2022 benchmarks. This reduction indicates not only increased engagement but also a more cost-efficient campaign, maximizing our impact while optimizing spending.

The exceptional CTR and engagement rates indicate a resounding success in resonating with our audience. Our strategy to capture the relatable chaos of a Target shopping experience clearly struck a chord, fostering deeper connections and encouraging active participation from our audience.

This staggering performance is a testament to our team's innovative approach and meticulous execution. By authentically portraying the everyday chaos of a Target visit, we not only captured attention but also drove meaningful engagements, resulting in a campaign that not only met but exceeded our goals. The substantial increase in CTR and engagement rates, coupled with the significant decrease in CPC, solidifies our campaign's success in driving both brand awareness and commercial impact for PAW Patrol: The Mighty Movie products being sold at Target.


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