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HSBC Women’s World Championship – Metaverse Challenge

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Existing model of HSBC's engagement with real-world sporting events such as the annual HSBC Women World Championship 2023 that happened between 2-5 March 2023 faced a limitation—a physical event that restricted the brand's interaction to attendees at the physical space. As a result, HSBC could not fully capitalize on the potential of these events for fan engagement and sponsorship value.

In the evolving landscape of e-gaming and virtual reality, we recognised the limitations of traditional physical events. To address this, we implemented immersive on-ground activations that blend physical experiences with digital elements, enhancing the user experience.

The Idea

The Power of Gaming

Recognising the power of gamification to capture audience attention and foster engagement, we strategically integrated various gaming elements into the event.

The gamification aspects were designed to transform the golf event into a dynamic, interactive experience. We introduced virtual challenges, leader boards, and rewards systems that encouraged active participation from attendees. This not only added an extra layer of excitement but also created a sense of competition, driving increased engagement among participants.

Unleashing Boundless Excitement

The strategic partnership between HSBC with Sandbox presents an opportunity for us to leverage on the Metaverse to bridge the gap between the virtual world and the real world, making it the perfect medium for awareness and engagement beyond the confines of the physical tournament. Through Sandbox's platform, a dedicated HSBC secured virtual space was crafted with immersive environments tailored not only for sports fans but also for e-sports and gaming enthusiasts.



Capitalising on the increasing popularity of e-sports and the growing time spent in the metaverse compared to physical sports, we identified an opportunity to extend the brand's influence.

To seamlessly bring the captivating metaverse experience into the real world with the limitation of time, we employed the most effective approach to generate widespread awareness, trial, and engagement through an in-person event. Providing individuals with a first-hand encounter of the golf event via the metaverse environment.

Our team embarked on sourcing suitable locations, creating installations, and designing on-ground experiences tailored for active engagement with sports enthusiasts, e-gamers, and the broader public.

Key considerations included:

This comprehensive approach aimed to seamlessly merge the virtual and real worlds, creating a dynamic and memorable brand experience for a diverse audience.

We executed this in two-phases for maximum impact:


A series of on-ground activations were created and installed, delivering a fun and easy way for large volumes of people to try out the HWWC metaverse experience. Each installation was carefully designed to incorporate an imposing backdrop, large LED screens and gaming stations to ensure they captured attention from passers-by.

Within the HWWC metaverse, there were a series of different challenges for players to take on, testing their skills whilst competing against one another to see who could achieve the highest score. Players were free to explore the HWWC metaverse experience which is inspired by Sentosa Golf Club and includes a range of different environments including a club house, HSBC Hex Suite, orchid garden and merchandise shop. They were then tasked with taking on either the ‘Beat the Pro’ or ‘Hole in One’ challenge aiming to score as many points as possible to win a reward. 

The first two activations took place the weekend before HWWC tournament so awareness could be driven for both the metaverse experience and the tournament itself. These were strategically located at Bugis Junction & Jewel malls, both high-traffic venues with a steady footfall throughout the day.

The same activation experience was then delivered at the HWWC tournament itself, within the HSBC Experience Centre – a prominent venue within the Fan Village that’s open to all tournament guests.

Participants were invited to explore the metaverse environment and then take on the same ‘Beat the Pro’ and ‘Hole in One’ challenges for the chance to win a reward. 

To extend engagement further, a metaverse station was also installed within the HSBC Hex Suite so hospitality guests could engage with the new experience without leaving the comfort of the suite.


The vast majority of participants had not seen or heard of the experience before and were also not aware that HSBC had launched in the metaverse. Our campaign was very effective at driving awareness, education and active engagement. Beyond the event venue, a substantial number of individuals embraced metaverse challenges each day. The broad participant base included families, friends, couples, children, sports enthusiasts, and gaming fans, all of whom thoroughly appreciated the experience. This positive interaction not only allowed HSBC to extend its engagement but also increased sponsorship value by venturing beyond the physical tournament space into online immersive experiences.

The Impact

Over 5,400 people competed in the metaverse across 8 days campaign period.

Approx. Additional 1.1milion reach beyond the physical event by extending the event to two high-footfall malls in SG.

5 MediaCorp well known artists added to the event’s charm ad.

The resounding success of the metaverse campaign during the HWWC has undeniably positioned it as one of the key grossing activities of the year.


*Est. Average footfall for Jewel is at 300,000 & Bugis Junction at 100,000 per day


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Indexgames + Neo Media World, HSBC


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