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Special Project

Special Project
From the 16th Annual Shorty Awards

Caught Shopping on Amazon

Entered in Art Direction, LGBTQ Community Engagement, Paid & Amplification, Social Commerce


Our creative endeavor centered on crafting an irresistibly entertaining ad for the new PAW Patrol: The Mighty Movie, targeting parents with kids aged 2-5. The driving force behind our work was a commitment to infuse humor and relatability into the ad, creating an experience that resonated deeply with our target demographic.

Understanding the challenges of parenting, our idea was to weave a narrative that showcased the humor in those shared moments, all while seamlessly integrating PAW Patrol. By leveraging a very relatable situation – closet shopping on Amazon — and injecting a dose of wit, our goal was to create an ad that not only captured attention but also evoked genuine relatability, establishing a memorable connection with our audience.

The specific goals we set were clear: drive clicks and, ultimately, convert those clicks into purchases on Amazon. Through a multi-faceted approach, we strategically placed our ad the various placements on Facebook and Instagram frequented by our target demographic, ensuring maximum visibility. Our metrics for success were not only click-through rates but the conversion rates that indicated a successful journey from engagement to purchase.

The campaign's success lay in its ability to turn ordinary shopping into a delightful, laughter-filled experience. By tapping into the universal language of humor and relatability, our ad not only drove awareness but also resulted in a significant uptick in sales for PAW Patrol: The Mighty Movie on Amazon. This campaign exemplifies the transformative power of laughter in creating a genuine connection and driving tangible business outcomes.

Strategy and Execution

Our mission was clear: break free from our conventional product ads and create a memorable, relatable experience for families worldwide. The plan of action prioritized highlighting eight key PAW Patrol: The Mighty Movie products available on Amazon in under 30 seconds, infused with genuine interactions to make the content feel organic and authentic.

Executing thumb-stopping content meant stepping away from our usual product promotion playbook. Our creative team scripted, casted, and shot a scenario that unfolded in households everywhere. Balancing humor, relatability, and product promotion, we aimed to create content that felt like a slice of real life, something anyone could imagine happening in their own homes.

The decision to include an LGBTQ+ couple, reflected the diversity of modern families authentically. Our aim was to resonate with a broad audience by emphasizing universal themes of parenthood and joy, making our content relatable to all.

Navigating the challenge of highlighting several products in a short time required finesse. The connection our talent felt with specific products, envisioning moments of play with their own kids, made this task more manageable. This authenticity translated on-screen, making the content not only informative but emotionally resonant.

The execution unfolded seamlessly, each product became an integral part of the storyline, allowing viewers to envision the items fitting seamlessly into their family moments. The script and content were crafted for universal relatability, ensuring any viewer could effortlessly place themselves in the shoes of our actors.

Humor played a pivotal role in making the content engaging and memorable. By infusing everyday scenarios with laughter, we not only captured attention but also created a positive association with the PAW Patrol: The Mighty Movie products. The inclusion of an LGBTQ+ couple added an extra layer of authenticity and diversity, reinforcing the idea that these products are for all families.

Our success lay not only in achieving our primary goals of driving awareness and sales on Amazon but in reshaping the narrative of product promotion. By humanizing the process, embracing diversity naturally, and injecting humor and relatability, our work stands out as a unique and impactful contribution to the world of advertising. In bringing PAW Patrol: The Mighty Movie product to life, we didn't just sell products; we created an experience that resonated with the hearts of our audience.


Our campaign for PAW Patrol: The Mighty Movie not only met but exceeded our team's objectives with remarkable success. Our strategic approach, combining humor, relatability, and seamless product integration, resonated profoundly with our target demographic. The results speak volumes about the impact of our efforts:

Our overall click-through rate (CTR) reached an impressive 3.9%, surpassing 2022 benchmarks by a staggering 387.5%. This exceptional engagement underscores the effectiveness of our narrative in capturing the attention and interest of our audience.

The overall engagement rate soared to an outstanding 46.4%, a remarkable 908.7% above 2022 benchmarks. This metric reflects the depth of connection our campaign forged with viewers, transforming casual interactions into meaningful engagement.

Equally noteworthy is the cost-per-click (CPC) performance, with an overall CPC of $0.59, which is 36.6% lower than 2022 benchmarks. This indicates not only the efficiency of our campaign but also its cost-effectiveness, demonstrating that our strategy was not only engaging but also financially prudent.

These results underscore the campaign's success in driving awareness and sales on Amazon. The exceptional CTR and engagement rates indicate that our content was not only seen but also resonated with our audience. Moreover, the cost-effectiveness of the campaign, reflected in the lower CPC, highlights the efficiency of our advertising spend.

In conclusion, the campaign's exceptional performance across key metrics attests to its effectiveness in meeting and surpassing our objectives. Our team's strategic vision, coupled with creative ingenuity, not only elevated the PAW Patrol: The Mighty Movie brand but also set a new standard for engaging and impactful advertising on our channels.


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