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Special Project

Special Project
From the 15th Annual Shorty Awards

The Super Board

Finalist in Unboxing Video

Bronze Honor in Multi-Platform Partnership

Entered in Contest or Promotion, On a Shoestring, Real Time Response


Fiorucci is a nationally distributed, premium Italian meat brand that has low awareness and a much smaller marketing budget vs. category leaders. It wanted to find ways to breakthrough during real-time, pop culture moments that helped reframe how people think about the brand and “charcuterie” as a whole.

The Fiorucci target consumer loves to entertain and considers herself a crowd pleaser, whether for 2 or for 22. She was our target we had to connect with. And we found the perfect opportunity to create real-time relevance.

Due to a change in the NFL season schedule, 2022 marked the first year that the Super Bowl and Valentine’s Day would fall on the same weekend. Many feared the monster sporting event would overshadow any chance of romance on Valentine's Day.

Luckily, Fiorucci had the foresight to provide a real-time solution, with The Super Board.

The Super Board was a dual-sided, 3-inch thick, walnut charcuterie board (valued at $850) that showcased a football-inspired carving for fans to graze off during The Big Game on one side, and heart-shaped carvings for two to share on Valentine’s Day on the other. Hosting a Big Game party AND pulling off a romantic gesture on Valentine’s Day was now made simple with the Super Board. 

For the campaign itself, our goals were to Increase brand awareness, social media engagement and follower growth through a creative activation and social contest that centered around the tension and connected the Super Bowl and Valentine’s Day.

Strategy and Execution

First, we had to design a never-before-done, charcuterie board that would appease football fans and romantics alike. The Super Board design concept was hand drawn by our own Account Executive, Brody Casper; then sourced, laser-cut and finished locally in Phoenix, Arizona by Woodworks at Porter Barnwood. The best part (mainly because of budget), we only made a very limited run (25) to enhance the exclusivity and value of the boards that would become the hero item for a social media contest giveaway found only on Fiorucci’s Instagram and TikTok pages in the weeks leading up to Feb. 13.

To promote the social contest and to hype the board, we relied on the brand’s organic social, some paid social media amplification, but really leaned into strategic influencer partnerships across multiple platforms to create the national awareness, credibility and reach we needed.

Our team looked for creators with a “brand” built around hosting get togethers, their family/relationships, lifestyle, or comedy-oriented content that appealed to Fiorucci’s Crowd Pleasers, and we ultimately decided on a two-prong approach to activating influencers across multiple platforms (Instagram & TikTok) to create unboxing content that hyped the Super Board and drove contest awareness & entries.

First, we paid and partnered with creators to unbox and hype the board & giveaway. We found the perfect paid partner to help us launch our giveaway promotion on Instagram in @Jojohnsonoverby. Jo offered a mix of everything we were looking for, with over 229k followers on Instagram at the time, we felt confident she could help us increase awareness and drive engagement. In collaboration with Fiorucci, Jo explained how the Super Board was the perfect solution to the back-to-back holidays while promoting the giveaway. We also partnered with @Trulyterah, a lifestyle and mom influencer who is a real-life crowd pleaser to create Instagram Reels and TikTok videos highlighting the Super Board as well as providing a gallery of UGC for the brand to use as organic and paid social content we used to amplify the contest/promotion.

Second, we saw the real opportunity and magic come from our selective gifting of the board to key influencers that overlapped with Fiorucci’s target audience. Because we had a very small budget for paid partnerships, we thoroughly researched influencers who both fit and had a high likelihood of posting “for free”. 

These influencers only knew we were sending a special package to them for the “Big Weekend”, and we let whatever unboxing and contest promotion happen organically - so any and all content we did get was as authentic and unscripted as possible. And to use a football meets Valentine’s pun, we’re in love with the touchdown we scored. 

We received multiple posts and videos across Instagram and TikTok, including unboxing videos, board styling tips for both holidays and contest promotion from foodie and lifestyle influencers: @Ainttooproudtomeg, @Kevincooneyy, @Ashdemato1214, and @Summerjuraszek.

In total, 22 Super Boards were distributed amongst giveaway winners and influencers!


In the end, our main goal was to insert Fiorucci Foods into this new conversation surrounding the intersection between The Big Game and Valentine’s Day – two major holidays traditionally linked to sales increases for the brand. We wanted to be a part of the real-time opportunity by creating something ownable that was relevant to super fans, romantics and the Fiorucci brand. 

With a minimal lead time of 6 weeks that started during the holiday season and an all-in budget of $40k to spend on the boards, influencers and paid social – our team had to be quick, creative and strategic with every move we made. 

The campaign earned nearly 500k impressions and over 450k video views across multiple channels, and Fiorucci also increased its Instagram following by 59% in less than a month. The giveaway promotions alone earned 2,097 entries. 

In total, the campaign received 17 influencer generated content pieces including 3 Instagram Reels, 10 Instagram Stories and 4 TikToks. Several of which were enthusiastic unboxings of the Super Board. That doesn’t even include the unboxing and brand love content shared by every single contest winner (15 posts in total).

The Super Board was so popular that for months following the campaign the brand continued to receive dozens of comments, DMs, and emails from brand fans wondering how they could get their hands on a board AND how they could become a partner with us.


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Heart & Soul Marketing, Fiorucci Foods


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