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Special Project

Special Project
From the 13th Annual Shorty Awards

Buzzballz + Tiger Pistol: Solving the Business Challenge for Alcohol Marketing in the United States

Finalist in Local Campaign, Localization

Entered in Wine, Beer & Spirits, Facebook


Packaged cocktail brand, BuzzBallz, sought to increase sales of its signature party drink while also driving traffic and sales for its retailers. BuzzBallz needed a method to promote their drink and drive retailer sales while adhering to regulations and maintaining a level playing field in the marketplace.

BuzzBallz realized that to achieve their objective, they would have to translate their national approach to a local social approach. 


Strategy and Execution

BuzzBallz desired to create stronger community connections with their consumers and ultimately drive product sales. Due to the federal and state regulations in the United States that dictate how alcohol brands can market themselves, BuzzBallz knew it couldn’t work directly with the local retailers to advertise. The company also knew that a standard brand awareness campaign wouldn't cut it to achieve its goals. So, BuzzBallz created a website that centralized all the different retailers and delivery services that can sell their products directly to consumers.

Then, the brand employed Tiger Pistol’s assistance to run hyper-localized Facebook and Instagram social advertising campaigns with the added capability of geo-fencing to specific key markets. This meant that consumers would see ads that, upon click-through, would always be presented with a controlled set of different retailers they could immediately purchase from. This helped to remove friction and provide a quicker path to purchase for consumers.

In addition to innovative geo-fencing, BuzzBallz leveraged the automatic localization features in Tiger Pistol's Platform, thereby adapting messaging relevant to each local market, such as party at the quad, slope-side cocktails, or the best drink for the beach. This further ensured the advertising was hyper-relevant to each consumer within the targeted markets. The ability to use adaptive messaging allowed the brand to dynamically speak to consumers while accounting for variable retailer availability by state. In addition, BuzzBallz was not only able to show its dedication to their consumers’ preferences with dynamic creative, but also drive business at a critical time with proximity-based social campaigns that supported its partners. 


With Tiger Pistol’s platform, BuzzBallz could run high performance Facebook and Instagram social ads to promote and increase direct retail sales while highlighting BuzzBallz signature party drink without violating the three-tiered structure. Knowing how to navigate the three-tiered structure in advertising can be difficult for many US alcohol brands. This platform solves the industry’s struggle to create dynamic ad campaigns that increase end-user sales and promote corporate values that do not violate the three-tiered rule.


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Tiger Pistol, BuzzBallz


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