13th Annual Shorty Awards Categories

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From the 9th Annual Shorty Awards Snapchatter of the Year

With a lifespan of only 24 hours, every post on Snapchat is precious, and these Snapchatters know how to make the most of it—telling stories, making movies, documenting amazing experiences, and creating unique art. Snapchat is redefining how we connect, and our nominees are the ones redefining Snapchat.

If you’re a brand looking for recognition for your use of social media in this space, enter the Best in Snapchat Industry Award.


Ani Acopian
Ani Acopian is a Snapchat filmmaker based in New York City who sports an impressive Snapchat reel. Her specialties are narrative pieces, branded content, and music videos. This year, she showed off her Snapchat skills on vacation in Cambodia by turning the famous Angkor Wat into a real-life Temple Run. Ani also gained some serious Snapchat clout b…
Lauren Giraldo
Lauren Giraldo brilliantly used her various social accounts to launch the next phase of her budding superstar career. Starting out as a shining Vine star and now dominating the Snapchat waves as @Lglaurennnn, Lauren has made it her mission to bring women’s rights and equality to the forefront of the social media sphere. In 2017, her short-form dig…
Mike Platco
Mike Platco started telling stories on social media and made his dream career out of it. One of the first creators to make a name for himself on Snapchat, he’s since created a portfolio of snapsterpieces. From Snapchat storytelling to branded content, @mplatco is on the forefront of the Snapchat career space, working with brands like Disney and Gr…
20-year-old CJ OperAmericano is a Snapchat artist who initially used the app just to share her cute creations with family and friends. She was a barista who loved funny little characters, her favorite at the time being Opera Chicken (that plus coffee equals OperAmericano). As it turned out, there was a whole community of Snapchat artists ready to …
Rasmus Kolbe
Rasmus Kolbe is just here to make his many Snapchat followers smile. With bright blue eyes and a grin that goes on for days, @HelloRasmus can get away with a lot, pulling pranks and taking on dares from his fans. Based in Copenhagen but constantly traveling, Rasmus admits he’s “best 10 seconds at a time.” This year, he got to put some Snapchat fil…


Ever wonder what it’s like to hang out on the top of Mount Everest? Well, now you can find out with #EverestNoFilter as Adrian Ballinger and Cory Richards snapped their way up the north side of Everest without supplemental oxygen, something only 3% of climbers have accomplished. While both climbers claim their own sets of mountains summited, this was their …
Dave Keystone
Kids really do say the darndest things to Dave Keystone, aka Uncle Dave, when he asks them dating tips on his YouTube videos series #KidsOn—and he’s right that it “will make you smile.” This year, he took a break from addressing adult problems with kids’ advice when he won a summer of travel from Iceland’s WOW Air in return for snapping his daily adventures…
Evan Garber
Evan Garber can take mundane things in life and turn them into Snapchat gold. Bet you’ve never thought about how great the first scoop of peanut butter is right out of the jar, have ya? Well Evan has, and he shares little joys like that with delighted followers. That kind of everyday enthusiasm has helped him become a huge influencer, working with brands li…
Gregory Littley
Gregory Littley prides himself on capturing the most colorful selfies and over-animating his daily snaps. While the New York-based social and digital marketer might state that he’s “never content with his con-tent,” it’s hard for his followers to believe, since he creates perfectly shareable posts across all major social platforms—as he should, being the Le…
Karen X. Cheng
Karen X. Cheng makes videos go viral. Remember the Beats by Dre global holiday campaign starring Kylie, Kendall, Nicki, and Serena? That was all Karen. You know the #donutselfie? Karen invented that, too. While she makes a living creating viral videos for others, she also has her own fun, blowing up on Snapchat this year when she experimented with the new S…
Matt Fogarty
Matt Fogarty is a legitimate Snapchat emoji artist. He layers so many smartphone emojis with the latest Snapchat stickers to “paint” almost anything and anyone. From Darth Vader to DJ Khaled, Pikachu to Donald Trump, there’s no famous face that he can’t recreate within the confines of his Snapchat stories. He admits to having to shoot his snaps up to 10 tim…

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