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From the 13th Annual Shorty Awards Best in Family and Parenting

Organizations, brands or publications targeting parents and families are eligible for this award. This award recognizes the best efforts across social media or digital platforms to engage and impress this particular demographic.

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Chore Club by Whirlpool Brand
During the extreme upheaval of daily life in the spring of 2020, millions of kids and parents found themselves at home. All day. And that meant all of their learning was taking place in the home. Kitchens became classrooms and parents became teachers. This new dynamic was a tiresome challenge, but also presented an opportune moment for children ev…
Hey Duggee: Response to COVID-19
The Objective: Last March people’s lives changed overnight with the outbreak of Covid-19. With parents and carers suddenly becoming full-time teachers, whilst juggling work and home life, BBC Studios looked to see how we could help by providing some light relief and moments of joy.  Hey Duggee is a cult children’s TV show that explores learn…
Santa Calling
2020 was a year of really grown-up stuff. A global pandemic. Schools closed. Jobs lost. And with COVID-19 case-rates surging with the onset of winter, there was a distinct possibility that the holiday reprieve kids were looking forward to would be cancelled along with everything else.   Our objective:  T-Mobile wanted to help. As a custom…
In spring 2020, as the U.S. first began to face the challenges of living with coronavirus, Johnson’s® identified the importance of elevating its role of serving the critical needs of new and expecting parents. Pregnancy during a pandemic presents new stressors to moms, dads, and babies— so the brand aimed to create a new COVID resource of trusted …
Owlet’s Growth and Mission to Keep Every Baby Safe By Empowering Real Parents and Influencers
Owlet Baby Care is a health technology company which strives to keep every baby safe and in July 2020, they released the third version of their proprietary Smart Sock Baby Monitor that tracks baby’s heart rate and oxygen while they sleep, and alerts parents if their baby needs assistance.  On Paid Social, Owlet sees top engagement by leveraging…


Blue's Clues & You! Launch
Nickelodeon’s iconic and ground-breaking series, Blue’s Clues is back as, Blue’s Clues & You! The original play- along preschool series stars Blue, a preschool-aged puppy and a new live host, Josh. The interactive, curriculum-based series was re-introduced to a whole new generation of preschoolers on Nickelodeon in November 2019. What makes this property un…
Finger Food First
Last January Solid Starts launched FingerFoodFirst℠, a campaign to promote and brand baby-led weaning in the U.S., and to support their market entry. While many countries have adopted a “finger food first” approach in feeding babies, the U.S. has been slow to explore alternatives to spoon-feeding. Many pediatricians are not educated on baby-led weaning nor …
Marketing Moneyball: How a challenger brand reshaped influencer marketing
Launched in 2018, Zevo was an unknown startup brand in the home pest control category. A category dominated by the same brand for decades with >50% US market share.  Zevo’s promise? An effective nature-inspired bug killing product that you can feel good about using around your home and loved ones.  A difficult challenge in a category where product effica…
The Tech Talk with Google
As kids navigate the online world, caregivers of Gen Z/Gen Alpha are faced with a unique challenge: parenting during a digital age where kids have more access to technology and are savvier than ever before. According to Google survey results from January 2020, only 4 in 10 parents feel confident enough to talk to their family about online safety. And more t…
A new kind of health information site, Verywell is the #3 largest ad-supported health and wellness resource, promising reliable, understandable, and up-to-date health information about health and wellness topics that matter most to readers.  Verywell offers a fresh voice in health and wellness taking an empathetic approach to health information through o…