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A new kind of health information site, Verywell is the #3 largest ad-supported health and wellness resource, promising reliable, understandable, and up-to-date health information about health and wellness topics that matter most to readers. 

Verywell offers a fresh voice in health and wellness taking an empathetic approach to health information through over 50,000 pieces of accessible, expert-written content. A welcome alternative to traditional, hyper-clinical health sites, Verywell aims to build confidence for users seeking health and wellness advice and solutions. Whether a parent searching for fever solutions at 2AM, or looking for the benefits of yoga for kids, Verywell offers an accessible spectrum of health and wellness topics across parenting, pregnancy, medical conditions, fitness, nutrition, health insurance and more, making it a popular resource for consumers and advertisers alike. 

In a market saturated with new ideas like AI and VR, Verywell quietly revolutionized health information publishing by allowing readers to drive the content. Using unique intent-targeting that shows users suggested content and advertisements based only upon the types of information they’re seeking when they land on the site, Verywell answers questions and provides solutions instead of speculating about doom-and-gloom scenarios.

Employing the voice of a trusted friend and expert, Verywell meets users where they are, unpacking jargon and removing outlandish outcomes. All of Verywell's content is written and verified by more than 120 experts, including doctors, trainers, therapists, and dietitians, and undergoes regular cycles of review, approximately every four to six months, to guarantee the most accurate information possible.

Strategy and Execution

Verywell’s impressive growth and resonance with users stems from its mission to empower readers with the confidence to make educated decisions about wellness and take action in their own lives. Readers consistently return to Verywell reassured by a rational, respectful experience, different from other fear-mongering health sites. Verywell connects with users, particularly parents and families in moments of need, worry, and curiosity, guaranteeing an entirely factual, honest wellness journey, complete with guidance toward next steps and clear, instructive solutions.

Conscious of industry-wide challenges with data privacy and brand safety, Verywell remains committed to its evergreen content and intent targeting – providing users recommended content and advertisements relevant only to what they are seeking the moment they land on the site. A specialty in evergreen content means a 100% brand-safe guarantee, 100% of the time. Whether helping users find next steps after diagnosis, how to care for a loved one, or nutritional information for children, content offering day-to-day solutions comes inherently brand-safe. 

Verywell creates content and products that encourage clarity and confidence in users, knowing users often search for health information in times of worry or anxiety. When Dotdash and Ford partnered to advertise the Ford Transit to its first-ever consumer market, Verywell saw a white space for helping large families with 5+ people in the household solve everyday struggles – the team went ahead and built and entire new content hub for large families. Further, Verywell understands that for many, especially parents, health concerns intersect with difficult conversations with friends and loved ones. To encourage and actively engage users in confident, responsible dialogue about important health topics, the team launched the first Healthy Conversations Coach module, focused on vaccinations, in 2019. The most recent Healthy Conversations Coach addresses postpartum depression, a taboo topic that is rarely talked about even though 1 in 7 mothers experience it. 

Healthy Conversations is grounded in the idea that medical accuracy and empathy are not mutually exclusive. The team intentionally made the Verywell Healthy Conversations Coach feel like a friendly guide through a realistic communication experience. The content leverages the informative, friendly Verywell voice and is reviewed by Board Certified Physician professionals to ensure accuracy, as well as a Board Certified Psychiatrist to infuse conversation sensitivities. To engage users in thoughtful contemplation about potential responses, the team chose an interactive chat format that closely resembles the types of rapid-fire conversations that users have every day, whether texting, chatting, or in-person. 

Creating an experience that clearly captures the Verywell mission to help families solve challenges and find practical health and wellness solutions every day, the team built two PDF takeaways offered at the end of the simulation to help users carry their new-found knowledge into real-time discussions.

The team works tirelessly to develop the best possible approaches to eliminate fears, fostering self-assured readers confident in making health and wellness decisions. Verywell’s mission is to give users the tools to facilitate an informed, actionable, and insightful conversation that soothes fears instead of adding to them. By reframing the way people approach difficult health topics, Verywell opens the door to regularly and easily talking about health and wellness.


Verywell sets a new industry standard by empowering users to make confident health and wellness decisions through user-first experiences and content.  In under 4 years, Verywell carved out a new approach to health and wellness, based on fact-focused, approachable, expert-written content, instead of the common fear-mongering jargon, to empower users to make informed health and wellness decisions.

Verywell’s Healthy Conversations Coach’s goal to empower and equip people with information and conversation prompts them to embrace challenging health issues, instead of avoiding them, was successfully met. Between the launch in July 2019 through September 2019, 50% of people who entered the chat page engaged with it, 48% of those who engaged in the chat completed it and 11% of the page visitors  read one of the supporting documents. The average time spent on the site was 4:39 and there was a .32% advertiser ad click-through rate from the Healthy Conversations landing page, surrounding articles and contextual package.

Verywell believes that if you put the best possible user experiences first, loyal audiences and advertisers will follow – and it works. Since its 2016 launch, Verywell has grown 223%, reaching nearly 39MM US unique monthly visitors, currently ranked #3 largest property in the ad-supported Health Information category according to comScore. Verywell has seen 139% growth in the last year alone. Verywell has received industry-wide accolades for championing empowerment and confidence, instead of capitalizing on concerns. Verywell continues innovating to become the go-to, most positive, trustworthy health and wellness resource online.


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