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From the 12th Annual Shorty Awards Best in Weird

We can all agree on one thing, and that’s that a lot of channels out there are truly bizarre. Entertaining and amazing, but bizarre. Sometimes, it’s those creators that deserve the biggest celebrations for pushing the boundaries in directions we didn’t even realize. These are the oddest, the strangest, the best weirdest accounts of the year.


Buttered Side Down
Buttered Side Down presents a whole new take on comedy by producing skits that create reality-bending surreal first person experience that is out of this world. Sometimes disorienting and always unexpected, this channel’s videos are equal parts bad trip and good humor. Combining cool visual effects with mundane activities like making coffee or ope…
Caitlin Doughty
Influencers are beloved for giving their fans exclusive and unique behind the scenes look into travel, fine dining, fashion, and any aspect of their lives they think fans will enjoy. In the case of Caitlin Doughty, that means death! This YouTube personality is a mortician by trade, striving to demystify a subject that most people avoid discussing,…
Jan Erichsen
Sometimes, the most unexpected things can be the most entertaining and satisfying. Case in point being Jan Erichsen, a visual artist and self-proclaimed "balloon destroyer" based in Oslo, Norway. Jan went viral this year for creating elaborately staged balloon pops and pasta breaks for his Instagram audience, each executed with custom hand-constru…
Pro Bird Rights
You know who’s got it rough in this world? Bird. Well, thankfully the account @probirdrights on Twitter is all things bird, all the time. Pushing back against the "rising antibird sentiment," this account took time this year to launch a presidential campaign, call out the biggest scam of our time, and connect with an ever-growing audience of than …
The Nekci Menij Show
By parodying pop culture in intentionally crude MS Paint-crafted animation, The Nekci Menji Show channel serves as an odd, yet somehow accurate critique of how the public engages with and consumes celebrity, especially as it relates to female pop stars. It also presents a hilarious, very online interpretation of current gossip through a cracked, i…


Antonio Mele
Antonio Mele is a 3D artist who uploads oddly satisfying, yet highly captivating videos of objects doing on array of things. From slicing spheres to a carosel of smashing piggy banks, the visual artist is able to make usual object unusually interesting. Antonio has animated his way to over 60K+ followers, regularly racking up the views and likes from others…
Joseph's Machines
Joseph Herscher is here to answer the all-important question, "Who says machines must be useful? The kinetic artist has gained popularity on YouTube and Instagram in recent years under the moniker "Joseph’s Machines," thanks to his comical and innovative, creative, chain-reaction machines. He’s grown his social following to include 740K+ YouTube subscribers…
A longtime lover of parody television jingles and novelty songs, Parry Gripp has brought his unique sense of humor to a whole new venue: children’s songs. A former lead singer of pop punk icons Nerf Herder, Parry writes tracks for kids that are catchy and humorous enough for parents to love as well. In recent years, Parry has released more than 100 children…
You know what’s seriously strange? This account, bringing their 3M+ YouTube Subscribers and 920K+ Twitter subscribers some of the most odd, eerie and downright horrifying facts and stories out there. Created and hosted by Rob Gavagan, this account has covered everything from unsolved mysteries to unexplained events to caught on tape wildness, with frightful…
Sandro Giordano
By distorting bodies into splayed forms in his photo compositions, Sandro Giordano creates visuals that are unsettling yet highly evocative, engaging and are sure to raise some eyebrows. Often striking the balance between disturbing and comical, Sandro describes his images as "short stories about a world that is falling-down." It seems the more subjects fal…
Calling all statistics and analytics fans, this is the account for you! The term "Scorigami" was first coined to describe instances when an NFL game ends with a score that has never been seen in the history of football. However, this concept was taken to a whole new level when self-described "overanalyzer" Dave Mattingly, who created this wacky and wild Twi…

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