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From the 12th Annual Shorty Awards Instagrammer of the Year

People can spend hours scrolling down their Instagram feeds, getting lost in the endlessly entertaining amount of content on the platform. And while there are millions of fantastic creators on IG, these 12 went pushed the bar to new heights, using the gram in new and extraordinary ways. Some accounts make us laugh, some make us cry, and some make us wonder what exactly it is we’re looking at. But these innovative and creative accounts stand out from this past year as being the best.

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Adam Waheed
Adam Waheed is quickly establishing himself as one of the funniest people on the Internet, thanks to a massively successful 2019. He’s worked his way into being a regular collaborator with online comedy legends like King Bach, Anwar Jibawi and Hannah Stocking, appearing in each others sketches with an unmatched chemistry sure to make you laugh. 2M…
Laetitia KY
Ivory Coast artist and model Laetitia Ky epitomizes her hair power. The Instagram celebrity is best known for her elaborate hair sculptures, entangled socio-political commentaries and visually stunning coif creations that have been critically lauded and widely profiled. To her 260K+ Instagram followers, Laetitia’s striking feed features impressive…
Poorly Drawn Lines
Poorly Drawn Lines, the hilarious comic-strip brainchild of Reza Farazmand, is making their fans everywhere laugh, while stopping to think about each post’s deeper meaning. Each comic strip usually features animals talking to each other, experiencing very human emotions and relatable thoughts, revealing something truthful about the human condition…
Strange Planet
Making first contact on Instagram early 2019, illustrator Nathan Pyle’s little blue aliens have been quickly making their mark. On his "Strange Planet" account, Nathan’s posts follow inquisitive aliens trying to make sense of our earth, and replicate human actions and emotions. His quirky cartoons attained viral success of galactic proportions, wi…
World Record Egg
"Some days I’m beaten. Some days I’m fried. Some days I’m just happy I got up and tried." In a surprise moment of Instagram culture, a protein-packed breakout star emerged on Instagram in 2019: the single brown egg, seen and liked round the world. A simple image paired with a daunting goal, to become the most liked post on Instagram ever. This egg…


Daniel Rueda + Anna Devis
This couple is proving the age-old saying, that two is better than one. Anna Devís and Daniel Rueda are the spanish creative couple using the world as their canvas to create photos that utilizes fashion, art, architecture and nature. The result is not one, but two of the most interesting looking grids on the gram that are enjoyed by over 840K+ combined foll…
Ellen Sheidlin
Described by Beautiful Bizarre as "Nabokov’s most twisted fantasy made true," Ellen Sheidlin is infusing Instagram with surrealist provocation. Embracing the platform in her early teens as an ideal outlet for her self-portrait shock and awe dreamscapes, the Russian artist and model has attracted global attention for her escapist, absurdist color-drenched ph…
Florence Given
In Florence Given’s world, there’s no time like the present to #DumpHim. The British illustrator turned self-empowerment activist, has become an adamant voice against deprecating messaging, whether it comes from media, or from a male companion. Florence has fostered a "demand better" voice for herself and others with coordinating slogans such as #StopRaisin…
Gab Bois
Gab Bois has catapulted her career by consuming media and posting her thoughts about it in the form of satirical Instagram posts. Her page is an avant-garde reimagination of pop-culture, media and fashion through wearable and edible hype. Gab’s art is a pointed commentary on consumerism in all forms, with fashion, commercialism, tech and societal trends as …
Kevin Parry
Toronto-based animator and video wizard Kevin Parry has mesmerized audiences across the globe with his "oddly satisfying" animations and mind-boggling illusions. In just a few years he has amassed close 800K followers on Instagram in addition to his large audiences on other platforms. His work has become a favorite for fans, brands, and critics alike- he ha…
Nicole McLaughlin
Shoe sculptress Nicole McLaughlin is a master of upcycled fashion. An after-hours hand-gluing hobby turned global phenomenon, the former Reebok graphic designer’s Instagram is filled with pics of wearable shoe art. Nicole has earned 250K+ Instagram followers posting sandals crafted from Capri Sun, Haribo gummy bear bags, even a vest made from a ping pong pa…

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