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From the 12th Annual Shorty Awards Best Animal

Let’s face it - if it weren’t for animals, social media simply wouldn’t be what it is today. Our furry friends have the amazing ability to warm our hearts by popping up in feeds on any platform. They could be fluffballs, they could be born with incredible mustaches, or they could even be lizards. But no matter what they are, they create some of the most entertaining moments on social media and can make the internet a truly magical place.

If you’re a brand or agency doing work in this fuzzy space, consider entering your work in the Pet & Animals brand category.


For a young pup named Puddin, tragedy and neglect turned into a Cinderella story thanks to an act of unbelievable kindness and care. Born in Texas, she developed a severe infection at just five months old, taking both of her eyes, leaving her completely blind. A few weeks later, a 22-year old student named Cory Gonzales saw her online and fell in …
Reagandoodle is an Instagram account that’s all about "spreading paw-sitivity." Centered on an expressive and adorable labradoodle named Reagan, the account features the day to day life of the doodle, living with the Swiridoff family and their (foster/adopted) grandchildren. Often with his best friend, Little Buddy, Reagan’s daily shenanigans are …
Tito the Raccoon
Tito isn’t your average household pet. This two-year-old, tamed raccoon lives with his pet-dad, Mitchell in South Carolina and a slew of other animal friends. While Mitchell was working in pest control, he found Tito in an attic. The homeowner was uninterested in Tito as a pet, so Mitchell acted fast and adopted his soon-to-be friend. Over the pas…
Venus the Two Face Cat
Thanks to a unique genetic anomaly, Venus the Two Face Cat was born to stand out from his fellow felines. Easily one of the most recognizable cats on earth, one side of her face is one color while the other (eyes included) is completely different. Upon first bursting onto the scene, scientists marveled at the mystery of this kitty, wondering how h…
Waffles the Cat
As far as celebr-kitties go, few have the staying power and name recognition that this little Scottish Fold. Now one of the most easily recognizable cats on the planet, Waffles the Cat climbed a long road to the top, starting out as an unwanted kitten at a shelter. All that changed when he was adopted by Laine Lee at six months old and brought to …


Alfie the Alpaca
In 2018, one Australian family decided to adopt an alpaca - little did they know it would lead to social media stardom! South Aussie packster Alfie the Alpaca became an overnight internet sensation in 2019 after a single video on Instagram netted him 50K new followers in a matter of days. Riding the fame to 420K+ Instagram followers, Alfie’s family document…
Hamilton the Hipster Cat
The last few years witnessed a big resurgence of mustaches jumping back into fashion, but this internet-famous pet brings the stache-game to a whole new level. One "mustache" Instagram follow is Hamilton the Hipster Cat, born with a fur pattern that resembles the most stylish of all curled mustaches. Hamilton quickly became an Instagram phenomenon, as the d…
MacGyver the Lizard
MacGyver the Lizard, the internet’s "favorite dog-sized lizard." Known best for his large jowls, friendly personality and cuddly attitude, this Argentine red tegu lizard is so smart he comes when his name is called and is even potty trained. Clocking in at 20 pounds, 225K+ Instagram followers, 140K+ Facebook followers and another 50K "MacGyver SubScrybers" …
Pizzatoru isn’t your average Instagram-famous pet. This Senegal bushbaby is one of a kind pint-sized primate living in Japan, and is currently followed by more than 240K followers on Instagram, where he shows off a variety of outfits and enjoys snacks of cheese and sweet potato. Does he have a pizza hat, you ask? You bet he has a pizza hat. Pizzatoru’s fans…
Cute doesn’t even begin to cover Priscilla and Poppleton, known to the world as Prissy and Pop. Their Instagram feed comes complete with a variety of fun outfits, fun farm friends and adventures living on a rescue farm. These two mini pot belly pigs are living a big life in a bigger world and documenting their daily journeys to their 700K+ Instagram followe…
The Notortoise BIG
When you’re a celebrity online, having a tough shell helps to block out all the haters, though The Notortoise BIG doesn’t seem to have many of those. The Notortoise BIG, a 19 year old sulcata tortoise living in NYC, doesn’t live the average life of a teenager in the big city. What started off as a temporary fostering turned into a full time family, as torto…

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