13th Annual Shorty Awards Categories

The Shorty Awards honor the talented agencies, brands, and industry leaders behind the best and most innovative work on social media and digital channels, campaigns, websites and applications. The early deadline is on December 3rd, 2020.

From the 11th Annual Shorty Awards Tik Toker of the Year

TikTok is quickly becoming the most popular new platform on the small screen. These twelve creators have had a massive year, gaining major popularity. From sketch comedy to dancing to just being a cat, these 12 names have stood out above the rest for their great work.

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Dominic Toliver
Houston, TX native Dominic Toliver has proved time and time again that he is the king of short form, online comedy. First building an audience on the now-defunct Vine, Dominic and his unique brand of energy finds that perfect blend of comedy and music, incorporating lyrics and songs into his sketches. Now with nearly 6M fans that have given his up…
Drea Knows Best
If it’s relatable comedy one is looking for, than Drea German, aka Drea Knows Best, is the ideal account. Following her motto of “Why fit in? You were born to stand out,” the recent Penn State graduate has grown her TikTok account to 2M+ fans through her sketch comedy, setting herself apart from the field. While she is popular across the internet …
Jesse La Flair
Few stuntmen have been as big and popular as Jesse La Flair, as the professional freerunner and parkour artist displays his athleticism on social media for the world to see. Jesse started off his 2018 with a bang, announcing on January 1st that he would be releasing his very own, signature parkour shoe to help the world run flip and hop as easily …
Kailey Maurer
Kailey Maurer’s internet popularity initially grew from her part in the dance-duo The Acrobots, but since has taken her celebrity to new levels. With 1M+ fans on TikTok, the California-native has found her own style, uploading videos that show off her wildly impressive flexibility and athleticism. Knowing she had a loyal and active fan base on the…
Katja Glieson
There isn’t much that Australian recording artist Katja Glieson can’t do. Heading into 2018 year riding the momentum from her song and viral music video “Come Thru,” Katja continued to dive deeper and deeper into her social media, growing her social media following to impressive numbers. With 3M+ fans on TikTok who have given nearly 70M hearts, Ka…


Ari Fararooy
Ari Fararooy has made quite the name for himself on the internet through his trippy, insanely creative stop motion videos. Having first received a camera for his 20th birthday, Ari is totally self taught as an artist, initially starting by editing videos he took of his “buddies doing dumb stuff,” cut and edited in an interesting and unique ways. The artist …
Austin and Gabby
What happens when two adorable teenagers with social media starpower begin dating? The answer is they create adorable content together, uploading funny videos to their TikTok page. Taking the platform by storm, the 19 year old couple has taken the TikTok world by storm, as the duo even appeared in the official TikTk advertisements seen across social media. …
Awez Darbar
The 25 year old dancer from Mumbai, India has taken the TikTok world by story by moving and grooving his way across the internet. Owner and creator of the dance studio Ace Production, Awez Darbar and his one-of-a-kind dance style has earned a TikTok following of 5M+ fans who all eagerly tune in to watch the dancer post videos that could be anything from fun…
Billy Mann
Comedian, model, creator and adventurer Billy Mann has established himself among the TikTok elite through his hilarious and quirky sketch videos. Formerly training as a professional halfpipe skier, Billy flipped and script and decided to focus more on his comedy, constantly making his following of 780K+ fans laugh, and even manages for work his skills on th…
His name across social media accounts may be LeeThe4th, but his content on TikTok is certainly second to none. An immensely talented dancer, basketball player and comedian, Lee McCall can do just about anything in his videos, from dribbling a basketball to the beat of a song to making us laugh to just busting a move to his favorite beat. The New York native…
Nathan Piland
Nathan Piland “make[s] rap music to process things I go through,” making TikTok the perfect platform for his work. A bonafide TikTok star, Nathan has earned a fanbase of nearly 2M on the platform, and garnering 45M+ hearts on his videos. With a legendary, multicolored beard and frequent collabs with TikTok’s hottest comedy creators, Nathan has distinguished…

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