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From the 10th Annual Shorty Awards Best in Parenting/Family

It ain’t easy being a parent. And it can be pretty tough being a kid too. Everyone knows that families come in all shapes and sizes, making each family unique and the challenges that arise difficult to deal with. These are the families we have laughed with and cried alongside this year, and the parents who have impressed us with their resilience and creativity.

If you’re a brand looking for recognition for your use of social media in this space, enter the Best in Family and Parenting Shorty Award.


Action Movie Kid
In a world… where chaos reigns, carpets turn to lava, and kids are forced to finish all their cereal, one boy has risen to the challenge—Action Movie Kid! Dreamworks animator Daniel Hashimoto uses his expertise to create fantastic and lifelike CGI worlds inhabited by his son James, turning childhood imagination into epic viral videos. Whether he’s…
Cute Girls Hairstyles
Mindy McKnight is a “Mom of 6 & fan-certified #hairninja!” While not a formally-trained stylist, Mindy has had a lot of hair to work with, especially among her five daughters. Her love of intricate braids led her to launch Cute Girls Hairstyles on YouTube, which now has over 5.3M subscribers. Her eldest daughters, twins Brooklyn and Bailey, have t…
Laura Izumikawa
There’s something about Laura Izumikawa’s 1-year-old daughter Joey napping in elaborate costumes that is addicting. With the photographer and mommy blogger dressing her daughter as pop culture icons from Pikachu to Princess Jasmine and Psy, it’s no wonder she’s amassed over 600K followers on Instagram and 50K on Facebook. The cuteness factor is so…
Alena Maze describes herself as “boring” on Twitter, though she should change that to “modest.” Alena is a “mother, mathematician, director” who, with her photographer husband Joe Lee, entertains 360K+ YouTube subscribers with daily “cinevlogs” that beautifully capture the life of a large multicultural family. Their MAZELEE channel and correspondi…
Two Gay Papas
Manuel and Bud are two proud papas who share their happy life in Spain raising their surrogate-born children—4-year-old Álvaro, and 2-year-old Carmen. They simply try to show that gay families are just as normal as any others, with 135K+ Facebook fans and 50K+ Instagram followers embracing their positive message. The family released an album of nu…


Elsie Larson
Elsie Larson is all about the love, something that’s immediately apparent on her blog The Larson House, where she and husband Jeremy set a “simple goal... to take more photos and videos of our life together.” Ideal for Instagram, 300K+ fans come to gaze at her impeccable decor in pics of the couple’s dream home. She also runs the successful lifestyle blog A…
Live Sweet
Photographer, mother, and adoption advocate Lindsey Bonnice is the playful proprietor of Instagram’s @livesweet, a name that embodies the life she and her family enjoy “out in the country… with a zillion fuzzy critters!” Along with her husband Fil and kids Noah, Libby, and Finn, Lindsey documents the beauty and joy of their family fun, bringing 140K+ Instag…
Pam Stepnick
Pam Stepnick, the proud mama of YouTube sensations Logan and Jake Paul, has made social media a family business by launching VlogMom, which she hilariously described as the “fastest growing old person’s channel.” She may be right—since posting her “First Vlog ever!!!” in March 2017, she has gained 750K YouTube subscribers and counting. Fans tune in to be a …
Ryan Toys Reviews
The cherub-faced Ryan first started playing with toys on YouTube in 2015, and has since become one of the site’s biggest stars. At the ripe old age of six, he’s riding the toy train to success with 10M+ subscribers to his Ryan ToysReview channel. Parents and kids alike tune into his daily vlog posts, which feature him unboxing and playing with toys—sometime…
Sarah Grace Club
Sarah Grace Morris, the 12-year-old younger sister of social media sensation MattyB, started out by appearing in her brother’s rap videos. After going viral as the star of MattyB’s “True Colors” video, her parents set up the SarahGraceClub YouTube channel, where she entertains nearly 500K subscribers by vlogging, participating in fun quizzes and challenges,…
Sholom Ber Solomon
“Silliness enthusiast” Sholom Ber Sholomon is father to 1-year-old daughter Zoey, who is nice enough to pose as props in so many of her father’s wonderfully goofy Instagram posts. Whether she’s dressed as a garden gnome, a potted flower, or a piece of sushi, the pictures are always “fingerlickin’ good.”

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