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Special Project

Special Project
From the 7th Annual Shorty Awards

Small Batch Beer Co. Website Redesign

Finalist in Data Visualization

Entered in Most Creative Use of Technology, Food & Beverage, Wine, Beer & Spirits


All too often bar and restaurant websites are just static menus in digital form. Brew pubs list what beers are on tap, but customers never know when those beers will be "tapped out" or when new beers will be added.

This was a problem for Small Batch Beer Company which brews unique beers in very small quantities. Their "on tap" menu of eight custom beers was constantly changing, and their craft-beer-loving customers started to become disappointed when they had their heart set on trying a particular beer only to belly up to the bar and find that beer was gone.

So, we made it our mission to create a tool that would allow customers to know, in real time, just how much of each Small Batch specialty beer was on tap. By displaying the percentage of each beer left in the brite tanks, allows site visitors to know the urgency with which to head to the brewery to try a limited-edition brew before it's all tapped out. The site also allows visitors to learn about, share and rate each beer. Better yet, visitors can even to vote to bring back their favorites from The Archive, a complete list of every Small Batch beer that's ever been on tap. Now Small Batch customers know exactly what delicious beers and how much of each can grace their taste buds when they head to the bar.

Strategy and Execution

Craft beer is hot. Like really hot.

Not literally though.

That would be gross.

Small Batch Beer Company is dedicated to brewing and serving all those crazed hop-heads out there with the most unique and creative beers south of the North Pole.

It isn't called "Small Batch" just for the hell of it, though. Beer is brewed one, yes, one barrel at a time. The brewers burn the midnight … well, beer to keep all eight taps flowing with liquid gold.

Brewed in such small quantities, each beer can run out in as fast as a few days … even before those heavenly hops have graced your taste buds.

Yeah it's sad … we know.

But what if there were a way to make sure this unfortunate situation never happened? A way to always know exactly how much of each Small Batch specialty beer was on tap?

Well, the beer gods have delivered big time.

It's a simple idea backed by some not-so-simple technology. First, we custom-built sensors. These magical, miracle-making sensors monitor the decreasing amount of beer in each of the brite tanks. Then, they talk to a super-smart computer in the sky. After some serious math computing, the remaining beer level appears on the Small Batch website. So every time a bartender serves up a pint, the website responds in real time.

And since you're a big, important beer drinker and all, you can even rate each brew and vote to bring back the ones you love. Alert your fellow beer nerds … this is big.

So whether you want to see what's popular or what's going fast, you'll always know Small Batch's beer supply in real time … no matter where you are.


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