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Special Project

Special Project
From the 7th Annual Shorty Awards

FamilyShare Network

Gold Honor in Meme

Entered in Facebook Campaign, Facebook, Small Agency, Family and Parenting


The objective of the FamilyShare Network is to own the brand of "family" on the internet by creating, aggregating, and promoting content that engages and strengthens hundreds of millions of families worldwide. We create content that provides hope and evokes emotion by engaging and strengthening hundreds of millions of families worldwide.

We differentiate ourselves by providing easy to consume, moral based and family-focused media content.

The strategy is about passion. It is to align the product, content, and the audience. We provide something that cannot be bought - a genuine engaged audience. We have tapped into a simple, yet powerful, concept: creating a portfolio of social media pages that provide a sense of belonging for a particular audience. Beyond brand-specific social pages, we have created and actively curated pages that align with users' passions, their love for their families (ie. I love my family, I love my husband, etc.) Our content is shareable, and users need to feel that the content being shared represents them well to others.

Today, our portfolio of social properties have more than 100 million followers.

Social media is not our end, but our means to provide a product and content that aligns with our users' passion for their families.

The outcome is incredible! The average of reach to Facebook fans vary from page to page, or brand to brand anywhere from 2% to 47%. Our reach on our FamilyShare brand page alone is 61%. This shows the incredible amount of people that we have reached and can reach.

Strategy and Execution

Our campaign deserves to win because we reached so many people in a very short amount of time, due to our unique way of creating and promoting content that aligns the product, content, and audience. We do not present content to them that is not relevant to the Facebook page that they "liked". We respect our audience, and show them respect by presenting quality, "snack-able" content, that they can gain more understanding, knowledge, and applicable ideas to strengthen their family relationships. We understand that what people "like" on social media gives them identification and status among their friends. We do our utmost to make sure that we post content that is relevant to the page that they "liked" to make sure that they maintain their credibility.

When it comes to our clientele, we are attractive to those whose missions are also aligned with strengthening families, based on providing excellent products. When we align our mission with our client's mission, we are able to produce content that will promote their brand, while still maintaining the integrity of our brand. We do not push content to our audience that does not maintain the alignment with their passion. We know that our audience trusts us, and we maintain that trust, even when working with clients. This integrity sets us apart.


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Deseret Digital Media


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