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Special Project

Special Project
From the 6th Annual Shorty Awards


Entered in Real-Time Response, Humor, Video


According to the National Institute of Health, situational depression rises during the holiday season, as well as suicides and suicide attempts. One North American survey even reported that 45% of respondents dreaded the festive season.* So to stop holiday shopping, travel and other stressful traditions from turning the year’s most enchanting season into ranting season, we went caroling with parodied carols that reflected the modern holiday season plight. But instead of going door to door, we went tweet to tweet. When unsuspecting grumps tweeted their holiday gripes, we auto-magically replied with one of four sympathetic videos intended to turn those gripes into grins. (*Source: "Why People Get Depressed at Christmas", Psychology Today) Every year the cultural phenomenon known as the holiday season gets bigger and bigger, thus increasing people’s stress levels ten-fold. So this year we geared up to help the world de-stress by targeting anyone who showed signs of holiday anxiety on Twitter with real-time, custom, video responses. To make the videos as honest as possible and get our target audience grinning, we analyzed the holiday season’s pain points. And subsequently, grin, they did. With only 200-targeted tweets, we yielded over 350,000 organic impressions, which represented a 1,750% viral lift; and, most importantly, a whole sleigh-load of people who were able to enjoy the holiday season, again.

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The Carols Carol of the Malls - The Hiatus - Kiss Those Skinny Jeans Good-bye - It's the Best Time to Travel of the Year -


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