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At eHarmony, social is as much about connecting with our friends & users in a deeper and more meaningful way as it is providing customer support or sharing information about our service. Whether it's cheering on an excited eH user with a promising first date, consoling a new friend/follower about a breakup, asking people their opinions about dating/relationship issues or making someone laugh with our humorous take on their eHarmony mention, we always strive to be a force of positivity via our interactions with others in social media. In fact, one of our favorite parts of working in social is getting to have fun with people and let our personalities really shine through. We LOVE to make people laugh, particularly on Twitter, and based on the healthy volume of RT's & Favorites we get, our followers seem to enjoy it as well. The more personal nature of our interactions with people via social is what sets us apart from many other brands & is the basis of our entry for these Shortys.On Facebook, we love engaging with our customers and learning more about their experiences and preferences around dating, both via our site and in general. Whether its a poll, an open-ended question or a sentiment graphic we share (those are extremely popular!) it's absolutely fascinating to see what our friends are thinking and feeling. And, its always an honor to be able to offer them our heartfelt advice on their questions about not just the eHarmony experience but dating and relationship issues in general. Of course, we're always delighted to meet new eHarmony success couples when they visit our page and post photos and their love story as well. Since bringing day-to-day operation of our Facebook page in house about 9 months ago, we've made great strides in increasing engagement levels, employing weekly giveaways, polls, open ended questions, sharing helpful / interesting articles from our site and elsewhere and each week featuring a success story to thank our satisfied customers for sharing their stories with us as well as to inspire singles who are still looking for their person. We've developed fun apps like quizzes and contests (a Viral Video Contest and Love Story Contest, both of which let our Friends vote for the winners). We have many more plans in the works for Facebook. Most exciting and rewarding of all is the deep and strong connection to the people who frequent our page and who regularly comment on our and others posts. It truly is a community of people who support and cheer each other on and we're so proud to be part of it. On Twitter, we work with a team of people from across our company (everything from finance to R & D) and respond to mentions of eHarmony, which range from service inquiries from customers to casual mentions ("this is Twitter, not eHarmony" being the most frequent - we have lots of fun with that one!). When time permits, we also watch for mentions of bad dates so we can reach out and console people and offer them free trials on our sites, in the hopes of finding them someone who'll put their bad date days in the past. We share interesting articles/links, ask questions about dating/relationships, and we enjoy discussing these topics with our followers (and, oftentimes, our followers followers!). Even with so many companies on Twitter, people are often surprised to find us there, so we really relish the opportunity to interact with people in this environment.

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Relevant links: -eHarmony on Facebook: -Twitter handles: @eHarmony - (general company/brand Twitter, run by our Community Manager) @eHarmony_Jack - Our Customer Care guru on Twitter @eHarmony_Kari - One of our marketing leads @eHarmony_Jil - a marketing manager @eHarmony_Allen - one of our recruiters We're in the process of expanding our Twitter team to include reps from R & D, finance and other departments.


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