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Lenovo presents Tech@Heart

Finalist in Global Campaign, Business to Business

Entered in Branded Series, Long Form Video, Storytelling, Video Series


"Tech@Heart" is a captivating storytelling series that unveils the transformative impact of Lenovo's cutting-edge technology in addressing humanity's most pressing challenges. Embark on a journey where real Lenovo customers take center stage, showcasing ingenious ways they utilize Lenovo's end-to-end solutions to create a positive impact on the world.

'Tech@Heart' provides unexpected applications of technology. These are real world examples of customers leveraging not only Lenovo's intelligent devices that enhance productivity, connectivity, and collaboration but also Lenovo's robust infrastructure solutions powering today's digital economy.

The series offers a glimpse into the future, a future where digital advancements, both familiar and undiscovered, are filled with promise. It's an optimistic perspective that resonates with viewers, leaving them hopeful, amazed, and inspired by the diverse individuals making a difference in various fields.

Each episode of 'Tech@Heart' serves as a testament to how technology, when harnessed thoughtfully, enhances lives. It invites viewers to witness the tangible ways in which technology becomes a catalyst for testing new strategies, bringing bold ideas to life, and ultimately making the world a smarter, better place.

Join us on this inspiring journey, where optimism meets innovation, and together, we shape the future.


The media strategy crafted to promote our storytelling series seamlessly integrated both organic and paid methods.

In the organic realm, we strategically utilized Lenovo's corporate blog and social media platforms to generate excitement surrounding the video series. Furthermore, we optimized the videos for search engines and strategically disseminated them through newsletters and drip campaigns to our existing audiences.

On the paid front, we allocated resources for targeted advertising on Facebook, Instagram, X, and YouTube, specifically tailoring our content to resonate with IT and Business Decision Makers. Our investment encompasses a diverse mix of video ads, sponsored posts, native content, and display ads, all designed to enhance visibility across platforms.

The overarching objective was to establish a synergistic approach that not only amplifies engagement but also drives traffic and nurtures a committed audience for the storytelling video series.


The program pages have garnered an impressive 225,000 page views, attracting over 100,000 unique visitors. Our video ads and paid social campaigns have collectively generated over 22 million impressions across both organic and paid social channels. Additionally, these videos were strategically promoted at prominent industry events globally and in specific geo markets enhancing their reach and impact.


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Lenovo and ShutterStock Studios


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