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Special Project

Special Project
From the 16th Annual Shorty Awards

Power Book II: Ghost Season 3 Social Campaign

Finalist in Television, Multicultural Community Engagement, Instagram Presence


How do you keep a Season 3 show fresh and exciting? You level up your social strategy. 

Power Book II: Ghost Season 3 saw its characters enter a new world of drama and mess, and we knew we had to keep that same energy with a high-stakes, unhinged social strategy. Our mission? Create a robust social campaign an out-of-pocket community management strategy designed to 1. Keep our die-hard Power fam laughing and locked into our social community; 2. Increase our social engagement across platforms; and 3. Extend our overall reach and social footprint to attract new viewers. 

While our characters were dropping bodies, we had our fans dropping jaws (and tears of laughter) all season.


Strategy and Execution

To create this unhinged social strategy, we knew we had to take a multi-pronged approach. 

Leading up to the premiere, the main focus was building anticipation. Power fans love to speculate, so we strategically dangled spoilers in their faces - teasing them with shareable bits of content such as the cast-centered “No Spoilers” spot. 

Simultaneously, we fueled speculation with cheeky community management, tapping into some of the biggest hot takes from previous seasons that we knew would get our audience talking. Once the premiere date arrived, we celebrated with a grown and sexy (and scandalous)   #GhostMode live virtual watch party, hosted by show talent, which garnered over 900K views + impressions, giving our fans an exclusive way to celebrate the Season 3 premiere. 

Once in season, we knew we had to keep that same energy. We continued to infuse our distinctive and dynamic community management strategy into the show's social voice, connecting with fans in a way that increased engagement, grew our fanbase, and gained fan and talent accolades. While our community management made us a must-follow, we made sure to reach out to potential new fans with a season-long influencer activation, producing shareable reactionary content that traveled beyond Power’s core fanbase. 

A significant challenge emerged when the last two episodes were leaked towards the season's end. Instead of staying silent, we chose transparency. Acknowledging the leak and engaging in audience conversations turned this setback into an opportunity. The audience appreciated our honesty, expressed brand affinity, and assured us of their commitment to the official premiere, strengthening the connection.

In summary, the Ghost season 3 social campaign came to life through a thoughtfully devised plan, meticulous execution, and an authentic audience connection that set us apart from the competition.



Just like this season, our results were off the charts. 

Twitter? Dominated. (#PowerGhost Season 3 trended in the US Top 10 for all 10 episodes).  

Engagement? Killed it, with over 14.5 million engagements and 946 million impressions

Followers? They just kept getting bigger the more unhinged we got - with a total of 276K followers added across all platforms during the season’s 11-week run bringing us to a total of 1.2 million followers at the end of Season 3. 

The  #1 most socially engaged in-season TV series on premium cable networks - yup, we did that. 

The loud and positive feedback from our fans and talent? As always, the best result of all. 



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STARZ Entertainment LLC.


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