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Special Project

Special Project
From the 16th Annual Shorty Awards

International Delight - TikTok

Finalist in Brand Voice

Entered in TikTok, TikTok Presence


International Delight’s loyal fanbase loves our flavors and the over-the-top personality they see on traditional media, however, we had yet to make a meaningful impact on emerging media, missing out on recruiting a new, younger audience. Our objective was simple: Be the coolest creamer on TikTok to build brand affinity with Gen Z.

Strategy and Execution

This audience doesn’t want advertisement, they want entertainment. And even though coffee-creamer plumes look great, they aren’t thrilling. Our biggest challenge was to find a new way to tell our story that would be entertaining but also be authentic to our brand voice.

Our delicious creamer flavors have always been the over-the-top and cherry-on-top for people. We wanted to replicate that over-the-top energy on TikTok, and we thought, “what’s more over-the-top than reality TV?”

It turns out that three out of four of 18-24-year-olds watch at least one hour of reality TV each week (source: Civic Science). Some things never change.

We approached the platform like this audience’s favorite reality shows, but we wanted to keep our product at the center of it all. So we decided to tell the story...of five creamers... picked to live in a house...and have their lives find out what happens... when creamers stop being polite...and start getting real...

Introducing Créme House, the creamiest reality show ever.

This content brings viewers drama, friendship, more drama, love, friendship, omg the drama, heartbreak, laughter, tears, and a few sprinkles of drama. The episodes tap into TikTok trends, native captions, sounds and "entertainment style" TikTok recaps.


Season 1 of Créme House (14 episodes) has transformed our social media presence and driven affinity with a younger audience. Season 2 comes out this spring!

Over 40 Million Views

Nearly 300K Likes + Comments

Grew our following by nearly 500%  

Over half the new followers were Gen Z 

Earned our highest ROI across our marketing channels


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International Delight (Danone North America)


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